4 Online Major Casino Jackpots you need to avoid

4 Online Major Casino Jackpots you need to avoid

We all get carried away by online casino jackpots and long to win those big amounts of money. Sometimes players forget to check the odds of the game and try to chase after the eight or seven-figure jackpot. But in most of the situations, the chances of winning the online casino jackpot stands pretty less. In some other cases, there happen to be several conditions influencing your jackpot. This article will describe four such jackpots that you must avoid because of specific reasons. So have a good read of the entire piece and try to remember these four cases, the next time you go for a jackpot. 

The Casino Jackpot List

Here is the entire list of the major 4 online casino jackpot that you can avoid.

Aztec’s Million

This offers one of the largest jackpots in the entire United States and offers a payout close to 4 million dollars. Realtime Gaming developed this game with an original seeding of 1 million dollars. The prize money increases till you can line up the five logos of Aztec’s Million in sort of a pay line.

The game makes use of both the pay lines and coin sizes. Every bet of a punter has 25 lines with 0.20 dollars on each line. Thus, you need to risk around 5 dollars on each of your bets, which is quite a hefty amount if you consider the payout that you can win.

There may not be any problem regarding betting big if there are reasonable chances of winning a jackpot. But if you pick Aztec’s slots, there haven’t been a lot of winners. Many punters argue that RTG, the parent company, doesn’t design these slots for winning. But again, these can’t be true as the slots are existing for a long time without any such scandal. However, if you are thinking of winning any online casino jackpot, you should try to avoid this. 

Roulette Royal

Most of the jackpots are somewhat associated with the slots, but the roulette royale is an exception in this case. Microgaming is the parent company of this game. The game has the looks of a typical European roulette game with 37 numbers on the wheel and the roulette wagers. 

Unlike the other European games, this European roulette offers 4 jackpots. 

  • 15x the stake 
  • 200x the stake 
  • 3000x the stake
  • Progressive jackpot

There is also an extra dollar wagering requirement for these jackpots. The ball must land consecutively on the same number for a minimum of two times. For the 15x prize money, it should land for two times, while in the case of a progressive jackpot, the ball must land for five consecutive times on the same number. 

The major problem in the case of roulette royale is the worrying odds regarding the game. You may stand 1 in a total of 1,874,161 odds in landing the ball at the same number for a consecutive five times. The RTP is just around 63 per cent with the seeding amount around 60,000 dollars. 

You may wait for the break-even point, but the break-even point is a lofty 760,501 dollars. Even you won’t be getting much from the side bets. So the best option is to leave this game and explore the other games with much better payouts. 

Betsoft offered Jackpots

Betsoft’s reputation isn’t the best when it comes to payouts and jackpots. The worst of all was indeed the case when Betsoft refused the payment of jackpots worth around a million credits. 

2016 saw another case of this company when a gambler went public explaining how Betsoft cheated him even after he won a considerable jackpot amount on an online bitcoin casino. Even after writing repeated emails to the company, he didn’t get any answer. After the story got popular, Betsoft forced the gamer to settle at a lower price, which thus says a lot about the company. You should therefore try to bypass all the Betsoft games, mostly the ones with large jackpots. 

Aladdin’s Lamp

As the name suggests, Aladdin’s lamp is an online slot focussing on the theme of the ancient Arab. The general overview of the slot looks quite basic and comes with both three reels and pay lines. You should be landing all the three Aladdin symbols on the provided lines for winning a massive jackpot. The jackpot has a current value of around 3,780,673 Euros. 

But the problem lies in the considerable investment that you need to do. A punter needs to invest 5 dollars on each of the lines, thus scaling up the investment to around 15 dollars. The amount is therefore hefty without any proper logic of playing the game, given the odds of winning the game are pretty less. Besides this, the game is kind of bland without any kind of extras. Players don’t even get a free spin in the beginning to understand the vibes and the structure of the game. 

So what should be your call?

It is quite obvious to be tempted to chase the huge jackpots and the prize money that comes with the jackpot. But again there are several red flags regarding the same. You may play if you love taking much risk and want to have fun. But if you think a bit logically, there are higher chances of you saying no to the games. The wagers can drain all your money, and you may still be hoping of winning the game and earning some money. 

In the case of Betsoft, you have to worry about the provider itself. Even if you win in any of the games, you need to worry about getting your money in your bank account majorly because of Betsoft’s past scandals. Therefore, ultimately it is your call as it is your earned money. 

There are several other online casino games on the internet with better odds of winning the online casino jackpot. Explore a bit and go for those. 

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Name: 4 Online Major Casino Jackpots you need to avoid

Posted On: 20/11/2020

Author: Alex Karidis