What’s the secret about Casino Security?

What’s the secret about Casino Security?

We have all seen in the Hollywood movies how our favourite stars break into the casinos. But the question thus arises whether it’s so easy to break into the casinos like that depicted in the movies. It seems like the picture is a bit different in real life with tight casino security to protect the millions of money games inside. So all the scenes of Geroge Clooney and your other favourite actors are nothing but lies. The casinos know how to protect their wealth from the various thugs and the white-collar robberies. 

So if you are curious to know about casino security, you have come to the right place, as this article will provide you with all the details that speak about the high security inside the casinos. 

Feel Lucky to reach the Tables!

If someone is planning a heist, it can be even difficult for them to reach the tables. As soon as your car enters the casino, your number plate gets checked by software. This software can tell a lot about your past activities, your identity and several other related vital details. 

This number plate system is prevalent in many casinos to keep a check on the players entering the casino scene. Someone planning to go for a fake number plate also has higher chances of getting caught, and thus have to face several questions. So anyone planning to loot the casinos has to go through lots of troubles right when they are entering the casinos. 

There can be a problem with a Face

Even if you make an entry in the casino with the sheer gift of luck, you may face other problems. You can face several problems with regards to your face. Most of the renowned and well-established casinos have a sophisticated face recognition software to recognize your face. 

There are tons of cameras fitted all over the casino, which are linked to the recognition software. The software checks all the pictures taken to find out about any past criminal activity of any players. The casinos can even check whether any casino refused the entry of any player. Casinos can take necessary actions on the basis of such study and findings of the records and identities of the players. 

Anti-Terrorist Surveillance

This is an extra step in the casino industry. Moreover, it was this industry that gave birth to the NORA, a decade back in the year of 2010. Even homeland security uses the same technology to link any crime with terrorist group involvement. 

The NORA software analyzes lots of databases to check whether there is any sort of link between two players. For instance, if there is a relation between the dealer and a gambler, then the software can inform the security officials of that particular casino. NORA can inform whether two suspected have ever sent any kind of emails or stayed at the same hotel, or any other related stuff. Thus, there are high chances that a casino can detect the fraudsters present in their space. 

The Floor Guards 

There happen to be more than an adequate amount of floor guards all over the casino floor. 

With some of the most improved cameras all over the casino floor, these security guards ensure the highest protection possible in a casino. 

The interesting point is that casino security officials have got the same training as that of the TSA officials. So they are quite efficient to spot any kind of uneasiness, doubtful behaviour and eye movements or suspicious actions among the players. Security officials can always question and have a look at some of the players as they may not look good enough to the casino officials. 

Robot Security 

Robot security takes the entire security process way ahead, ensuring the best possible security. This is generally the case when a player tries to win the casino games by playing too smart. Softwares like TableEye21 can track down the players’ skills and the chances of winning from a particular player. The software can even tell whether a dealer is making any kind of mistakes.

All these points explain how smart the casinos are in real life. With the right software and highly trained staff, casino security is indeed a top priority for all the casino owners. 

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Name: What’s the secret about Casino Security?

Posted On: 27/11/2020

Author: Alex Karidis