Best Mobile Casino Games You Should Be This Week

The bright star casino has various mobile casino games to spoil you with a number of choices. In your service, they have games for various systems which you choose to play on. Here are the best mobile casino games for you to look at which will give you a really pleasing week.

Best Mobile Casino Games You Should Be This Week

    1. 1. The filmy Jumanji week:

If this week you feel like travelling back to the days of Jumanji here is a nice chance by choosing this game in mobile casinos. Jumanji is a game which is completely themed on the movie that was released a year back. While you play this game it will completely relive your memories from this movie. This game is developed by Netent with 5 reels and 36 paylines. There are four vital features about this game that everyone should know, and the first one is the Sticky Vines where the player will be awarded the re-spin. The next feature is titled Monsoon wilds, here the players will get 1 or 2 reels completely covered with wild symbols like in the movie. The third feature is Monkey Mayhem in this feature after the reel stops spinning, remaining spins will be awarded. The symbols will get shuffled for awarding a win. And the last feature is Wild Stampede in which rhinos will stampede and that too across the screen during the spinning of reels thereby adding four to nine wild symbols.

    1. 2. The adventurous king kong week:

Do you remember the movie of King Kong, how the huge King Kong was trapped and taken to the Newyork city? The slot has luminous reels and the symbols are all animal-based. They are covered by a thick canopy that moulds over the jungle. The symbols of this game include a tiger, a rhinoceros, a crocodile and a parrot. The King Kong Cash logo is the highest paying symbol. It has the potential of paying up to 500 coins should you land at least 5 of these on an active pay line.

    1. 3. The treasure hunting week at the lost island.

How cool does it sound to get lost on an island while finding a treasure with the desserts on all sides? You could probably imagine the scenario and now we have this way to cool mobile casino game of long island.  This is the game where the tribes left in a hurry and left behind their treasures. All the ruins while finding the treasure forms the background of the game as well as green plants in the jungle. Some treasures can be seen lying on the ground. This game possesses features like a wild multiplier and free spins. Gamblers love this game because of the wild multiplier feature. The soundtrack to the game provides the perfect ambience for you to play. So if you are looking for a mystery this week here it is.

    1. 4. The Irish week

This game of Irish luck is developed by Eyecon that has 5 reels and 25 pay line. The game has animated designs with background setup of green, hilly and rainbow and flora filled area. There are also Irish paraphernalia somewhere in the background. And the game runs like this, you need to make a combination of the letters of the word ‘Irish’; H, S, I, R, I, which are visible over there. You can win 500, 25 or 5 coins if you make a word which has 4, 3 or 2 letters. If the word ‘IRISH is formed, a lucrative prize can come your way i.e. 120 times the stake. The wild symbol is the clover having four leaves which can land only on the reels two and four. This wild can replace all the symbols bar the two scatter symbols. If any winning combination that includes a wild symbol is made, the payout will get doubled.

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Name: Best Mobile Casino Games You Should Be This Week

Posted On: 16/04/2019

Author: Alex Karidis