Blackjack Split – Explained In Detail

Whether it is land-based or online casinos blackjack is the most played game anywhere. There are different strategies that the players use to make sure that they win. Several packs of cards are shuffled to play this game. The basic objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer. And for beating the dealer there are some moves that the player needs to make, blackjack split and re-split are some of the rules of blackjack that might help the player to bust the dealer.

Blackjack Split - Explained In Detail

So let’s see what blackjack split means:

When you have two cards with similar value, you can split them and place an additional bet. This will create two other hands which will further be played separately. If the player is smart enough, this move of splitting can be the most fulfilling move to win the bet. After the cards are split the dealer has to give a second card for each card. Then the player can go for stand or double moves. Besides the obvious goal of increasing your winning hands, the basic idea behind splitting cards is twofold. One is to improve weak hands and second is to increase possible winnings on stronger hands.

Blackjack is the game with the easiest rules if the player understands the rules. And the most important part in this game is the right move at the right time so blackjack split at the right time is mandatory in the game of blackjack, if you miss the right you will probably end up losing all your money. So be careful with the time and moves as well. The best part in blackjack splitting strategy is rather straight forward and easy to remember.  But it is true only if you have one blackjack game every time otherwise the set of strategies differs according to the game of blackjack.

Playing blackjack is easy, but a player should be well aware of the rules.  Some rules that every player should know before playing blackjack are:

  • You are allowed to split twice in the blackjack split just up to three hands.
  • You can split unidentical cards that have the value 10.
  • The aces which are split cannot be re-split in blackjack.
  • When you split aces you get just one card.
  • You can hit and then double down split hands.

Basic strategies of blackjack split:

Blackjack, and for that matter any casino game is a luck based game. One can never know what will be the outcome of the game. But players can always try to optimise their chances of winning. The players can use certain strategies to increase their chances of winning. There are various strategies depending on the situation on the player in the blackjack split move. Some of the strategies are:

Most crucial ones:

  • Never Split 5s and 10 value cards.
  • Always split Aces and 8s.

The easy ones to remember:

  • 2s, 3s, 7s – split when the dealer shows 2-7
  • 6s  split on dealer’s 2-6.

And the unique ones:

  • 4 ’s are not a perfect hand for splitting, so you should split them only when the dealer shows 5 or 6 and only when you can double after split. If the casino doesn’t allow to double on split hands – never split 4s.
  • 9’s split on dealer’s 2-6 and 8,9.

Every gambling place or even online casino has split and re-split which is just the part of some house rules. These set of moves are bonded by some regulations and if in any case someone disagrees or tries to go out of the regulations the player is asked to leave the game.

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Name: Blackjack Split – Explained In Detail

Posted On: 20/04/2019

Author: Alex Karidis