Blackjack Betting Strategies for Multi-Deck Games

Gamblers use different strategies to win at blackjack and earn good money in every game. There are different strategies to win this game which many people know. However, the strategies used might be different in different situations. When it comes to playing blackjack where multiple decks are used, the game becomes trickier and so do the strategies.

Blackjack Betting Strategies for Multi-Deck Games

It is important to have a strategy while going into a game. Following a strategy in blackjack might seem difficult but is a great way to enter.

Having a strategy in games eliminated the panic that the players are vulnerable to work through. Without a strategy, the player becomes clueless and might lose his moral while losing or become overwhelmed on winning and bid an unreasonable amount of money and lose it in the next hand.

A good strategy ensures that the players know what to do and thus keeps them stable in the game. Blackjack is a very unpredictable game but players with strategy keep calm even in losing streaks and end up winning at the end. The two main strategies that are effective while playing blackjack with multiple decks are Progressive betting and regression betting.

Progressive betting options:

The progressive betting strategy is based on a simple concept of progression. It means that on winning one game, the player increases the bet and on losing a hand, the player lowers the bet. The common increase and decrease in the bet are by a factor of 2. The player increases his bet on winning it by 2 times and decreases his bet on losing by half.

The logic here is:

  1. The odds of winning two consecutive hands and the odds of losing two consecutive hands are the same.
  2. When a player wins and increases the bet then the average winning bet is higher than the bet if unchanged.
  3. When a player loses a hand and decreases the next bet, the average loss after the bet will be less than the original bet if it is unchanged.

This strategy limits the losses with the average rule and increases the average earnings on winning.  

In this method, the average bets will even out when the player alternates between winning and losing hands.

Regression betting is another strategy in betting in blackjack. It is the complete opposite of progressive betting. In this strategy, the play increases his bet after a loss and lowers the bet on winning a hand. Here too, the usual factor for increasing and decreasing the bet is 2. The player doubles his bid on losing and halves his bet on winning.

This strategy is built on the thought of winning a good amount after a losing streak. With this method, the player can make up for all a losing streak. With this strategy, the player will end up earning a huge amount of money that covers all the previous loses incurred. However, some things that the player needs to know are:

  1. The player needs to have a good amount of money in hand to keep on increasing his bet after every loss.
  2. The player needs to begin betting with a small bid and then keep on increasing the bet after losing. If the player wins, the player needs to half the bid and not be tempted to increase the bid instead.
  3. The strategy is suitable for a long streak and to win ultimately.

Consider the following example for understanding progressive betting better:

Let us consider that the player bids the initial bet with a minimum bid of $7. On playing this hand, if the player loses, the player will then double the bet and now bid $14. On losing this hand again, the player will double the bet and now bid $28. Consider that the player wins this hand, the player will win $28. Calculating the overall loss and gain, the player wins $28 and loses, $21 thus the overall win is of $7.

Regardless of the strategy the player takes, the player is able to minimise losses and maximise gains. As the player becomes better acquainted with blackjack, the player can use any strategy, be comfortable and win a good amount.

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Name: Blackjack Betting Strategies for Multi-Deck Games

Posted On: 22/03/2019

Author: Alex Karidis