The Basic Casino Table Etiquette

Casinos follow a certain decorum of behaviour when the players are at the table. Irrespective of whether you are a professional player and a regular at the casino or a beginner at gambling or going to casinos only to kill your curiosity, there are certain table manners that you should follow. Here are some of the table manners and etiquettes that are generally followed in all casinos.

The Basic Casino Table Etiquette

General Table etiquettes:

  • Politeness is appreciated: The casino is a carnival of people and when one is in this carnival, it goes without saying that general etiquette of speaking and behaving needs to be followed. A courteous hello, a polite please and a generous thank you while talking to the fellow player or to the casino staff including the waitress and the dealer need to occur in talking.
  • Do not interrupt the dealer: Dealers in casinos are always under surveillance. The dealers are trained and they need to follow a process while dealing and in the game. Do not interrupt in the dealer’s dealing or try to give him money or try to something that would put the dealer in jeopardy.
  • Do not give the dealer any money: The job roles of all the staff members in the casino are defined. The dealers are not supposed to take the money and if you give the dealer money, they will get out of routine and this might lead them to make a mistake.  
  • Be seated: Once at a table playing, do not leave the seat again and again. Even if you want to buy a drink, do not leave the place again and again. Take the drinks from the waitresses who are doing rounds to serve drinks to the players. You can place your orders with them. This is a simple etiquette followed to not distract the dealers, players and the game.
  • Do not use your phone while at the table: Casino is a place with high security. There is a strict vigil in the casino. It is to avoid any security issue that one should not use their phones at the table. This is to avoid cheating, to avoid recording of the games in the casino, and to ensure that there is no crucial information being passed through phones. Avoid using mobile phones to keep yourself away from troubles and investigation of some illegal activities.
  • Be at-par with the table’s pace: While you are playing, it is important to keep up with the pace of other players and not take one’s own sweet time to place the bet.
  • Do not keep touching your chips all the time.
  • If you are playing roulette, you need to know the following rules:
    • You need to ask for the roulette chips and not place the chips you already have. The roulette chips are a unique set of chips that can be used for any other game.
    • Maintain a neat pile of your coins.
  • While playing craps there is a certain set of table etiquettes that one needs to follow:
    • Ensure you place the bet in time
    • While rolling a dice, make sure the dice are not falling off the table.
    • While the dice are rolled keep your hands away from the box.
  • Poker is a popular game and even the professional players across the world follow the mentioned etiquettes:
    • Poker is a game of silence and while playing it the player should not talk too much.
    • Don’t give unnecessary advice to other players as it is condemned.
    • Do not try to peep into other player’s cards.
    • Do not react to the decision of any of player’s moves. Neither should you react on opening the cards.
  • BlackJack is a popular and loved game worldwide. Before you start playing the game, here are some of the table etiquettes rules that you need to know:
    • Take permission before you start playing at the table.
    • Learn the hand signs before making any hand gestures at other players on the table as it means something.

The aforementioned etiquettes keep the enthusiasm and the momentum of the casino. Not following these etiquettes make the player undesirable in the casino and create a bad impression about the player in the casino.

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Name: The Basic Casino Table Etiquette

Posted On: 04/04/2019

Author: Alex Karidis