The Significance of Non-negotiable Chips in Casinos

Also known as ‘promotional chips’ or ‘non-neg chips’, non-negotiable chips are different from the regular chips which are offered in a casino as these chips cannot be redeemed for cash or prize. Although non-negotiable chips can be used to play the games just like the other chips, as a single piece, they hold no value as they cannot be used outside the game.

 The Significance of Non-negotiable Chips in Casinos

What are Non-negotiable (NN) Chips?

To elaborate more, non-negotiable chips act as a promotional tool which is used by the casinos to reward consistent players or to keep the existing players engaged in the games offered by the casino. As the name suggests, the value of the chip is non-negotiable. Also, the chip is worth a hand or so in a game and nothing more. The psychology behind the chips is a classic incentive tactic to keep the players loyal to the house for a period of time.

Well, whatever be the reasons, whether it is a reward given to the players for playing a long game or an opportunity given to a disheartened player to win their money back, the act of giving a non-neg chip shows that the house is generous and friendly to the players. The players who receive a non-neg chip or two do not let it go waste, as it has the potential to lead to a potential win and not supported by losses. The house hopes that such a player will either win or spend their money on more regular chips, or if they come close to a win, they will perhaps feel the excitement and thrill again and dig deeper into their pockets. If a game played with the non-neg chip results in a tie, the player may sometimes be allowed to keep it and use the chip again. There are often no limits set by the casinos to use non-neg chips, but they can be confined to games like Blackjack.

How Do Non-negotiable Chips Function?

The following are the points which sum up as to how the non-negotiable chips function in a casino.

  • The player purchases non-negotiable chips (NN) with cash. The non-negotiable chips are purchased at their face value. For instance, a $10,000 chip costs exactly $10,000 to purchase.
  • The casino keeps track of all of the non-negotiable chip purchase the player makes.
  • The player only wagers NN chips. He does not wager cash or ordinary casino chips. If the player does wager ordinary chips, no rebate is awarded based on those wagers.
  • If the player wins, he is paid in ordinary chips corresponding to the NN chips he wagered. If he loses, the NN chips he wagered are collected by the casino.
  • The NN chips follow the concept of more the player plays, the more cash chips he collects for the hands he wins, while his stack of NN chips decreases every time he loses a hand.
  • The player can purchase the NN chips anytime he wants, He may purchase these chips either using cash or using cash chips he has won during his gameplay.
  • The player continues to purchase and play with the NN chips, using his ordinary winnings or cash to buy more chips.
  • At the end of the gaming session, the player redeems his unused NN chips for cash at their face value.
  • The casino subtracts the NN chips returned from the NN chips purchased to determine the chips the player has lost. The player is then given a cash rebate which is a fixed percentage of the total cash value of the number of NN chips played and lost.

In simple words, the non-negotiable chips act like real chips, except for the fact that the player may not cash them in. The winnings generated from these chips are paid in cashable chips, and the player keeps the non-neg chip. There are usually no restrictions on how these can be played. However, in Macau, these NN chips are pervasive in high-limit baccarat rooms and are popularly known as “dead chips”.

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Name: The Significance of Non-negotiable Chips in Casinos

Posted On: 01/04/2019

Author: Alex Karidis