What is a Cinch Hand?

A ‘cinch hand’ is a term used in Poker to describe that the hand that a player has. The term stands for the combination of cards in hand that has a good potential to win the round. The ‘cinch hand’ might not be the hand that is unbeatable, but it is the closest to the win. It can be put in the way, that a ‘cinch hand’ is not a card that is the highest hand possible, but in the game, this hand is a good hand and has a potential of winning. The player having a cinch hand might not clearly be the winner, but hold a good chance of winning the hand.

What is a Cinch Hand?

A ‘cinch hand’ can be the boss of the round as the player with the cinch hand has a  good chance of winning the hand. Unlike immortal nuts, which is the unbeatable hand in the game, a cinch hand is a hand which is a good hand and likely to win or at least is the combination on the higher side. A cinch hand is not the rarest of hands like the five of a kind or a royal flush but is a good hand.

Explaining the cinch hand:

A player after drawing five cards, at the beginning of the game can retain the cards and not refrain from making a draw. This happens when a person has a cinch hand. A player with a cinch hand is confident and very comfortable while betting. Usually, a player having a royal flush is said to have a cinch hand. Although a royal flush or a straight flush is very good hands it can be beaten by a five-of-a-kind.

A royal flush is a hand where the player has, Ace, King, queen, jack and 10 of the same suit. This is the highest unbeatable hand in poker. A straight flush is also one of the highest hands. A straight flush hand is a hand which has a sequence of cards of the same suit. Like 2,3,4,5,6 all cards belonging to one suit. While a royal flush beats all other cards, even the straight flush, a round of poker where the wildcards are used changes the game. When the wildcards are used, the other possibilities arise like the ‘five-of-a-kind’. A five of a kind hand beats the royal flush or the straight flush. Hence a straight flush or a royal flush is a rare hand and can beat the other hands, it is not a sure shot win. Hence it is called a cinch hand.  

How cinch hands can be attained:

In a game, consider that a player gets a royal flush. Consider a player gets the 10, jack, queen, ace and king of spades. This being a royal flush, is sure to win. Consider another player having the hand of 4 from each suit. As the game proceeds the player who has four 4s, might get lucky and get a wild card. The player then gets a five of a kind which beats the royal flush. In this situation, where the player is very close to winning and has the hands that have the potential to win the game, is called cinch hands.

How to identify the Cinch hand:

The player having a cinch hand is usually confident and is eager to bet high in the game. This means that the player knows that the player has a good hand which will fetch him good returns and hence he indulges in wagering a higher amount.

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Name: What is a Cinch Hand?

Posted On: 08/02/2019

Author: Alex Karidis