Immortal Nuts: Casino Term

Poker and other casino games have a very interesting slag. This slag is universal. By universal it means that the word or the phrases used in any casino would mean the same, there is no ambiguity in these terms and they are recognised all over the word in all the casinos. Some terms refer to the wager like the ‘nickel’, while some refer to the combination of cards like ‘five of a kind’ or a ‘royal flush’, or some refer to a situation that has just occurred like a ‘missed blind’.   

 Immortal Nuts: Casino Term

One such term is ‘immortal nuts’. This is a term used in poker which means an unbeatable hand. This represents the combination of cards in a game that will surely win. Essentially, the immortal nut has to be the combination of the highest cards in the deck that can ever be. The typical highest hand in poker can be the royal flush or the ‘five of a kind’ combination, depending on the game that is being played and the rules that are followed in the game.

Although the five of a kind or the royal flush are the cards win hands down over any other hand in poker, it doesn’t imply that the immortal nuts will always be the highest combination possible in the deck. The highest hands possible, the five of a kind or the royal flush, is a rare possibility. It may or may not happen in the game and thus it can be the fact is that the cards are rare. It doesn’t imply that immortal hands is also rare.

When the player says that the cards in his hands are the immortal nuts, the player is trying to give a heads up to the other players that the player has the winning hands. The player can deduce the possibility of him having the winning cards and call for immortal nuts.The immortal hands mean that the player is sure he will win the hands at Poker, as he is sure that the cards he has in his hand are the best that could be in that round. The fellow players can assume the cards to be the highest cards or assume the situation that the player has been calculating the cards from the previous rounds and has deduced that there can be no other combination that would beat the combination of the cards the player has in his hand.Saying ‘immortal nuts’ does not mean that the player is calling the round. It means that the player is pretty confident about his win.

When a player calls out that he has immortal hands, it can have two implication. One, the player is confident that he will wing the hand as he has the highest cards, it can be a ‘five-of-a-kind’ or a royal flush or a straight flush, or simply the combination of the cards that he has deduced from how the cards have fallen in the previous rounds. Second, the player is bluffing to make others nervous and to win the round. The player in such a case may have one of the potentially high combinations of cards in his hand that may win and to make the opponents nervous, the player says he has immortal hands. It can be a trick to win at the round. In either of the cases, the game continues naturally. It is to be noted that the immortal nuts are not a call it is just a way for the player to indicate that the player feels he has the unbeatable cards in hand.

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Name: Immortal Nuts: Casino Term

Posted On: 03/02/2019

Author: Alex Karidis