What Is A Cold Streak? – Explained

If you are a regular player at Casino, you’ll know how the turn of events in a single game can change one’s fortune or if you’ve played a slot, you’ll know how the right timing at a slot can change a person’s life. Surely gambling is about knowing the game, judging the odds and then taking a calculated risk but it is not just that. Gambling and betting are also about the state of mind. A positive state of mind will lead to confidence and good decision making while discomfort and low confidence may lead to hassled decisions and thus affect the player’s performance.

What Is A Cold Streak? - Explained

While playing in a casino, you might come across a rather famous term ‘cold streak’s. This is a very common term and the most undesirable one. A cold streak means a series of losses. The player despite playing with all his might registers back to back loses. In such a situation, the player is said to have a cold streak.

A cold streak is a person facing undesired outcomes in a game. This term is not only confined to casinos but is pretty much used in all contexts of life. A cold streak is more than just a series of a few undesirable outcomes, it is more than that. It describes a person’s current state of mind.

How does cold streak affect the player?

Every win makes the player more confident and hence increases the chances of winning the next game. Many times it is observed that a player’s performance in the current game depends a lot on his performance in the previous few games. When a player wins one game after the other, it is called a winning streak.

Just like winning streak leads to increased confidence and more thoughtful approach towards the game, a losing streak does the opposite. A losing streak makes a player less confident and takes a toll on his decision making. The player refrains from taking bold decisions and is out in an uncomfortable spot. Thus a game lost has an impact on future games.

Sometimes the best of poker player faces a cold streak by losing hands at an amateur player even with the best of hands. Or sometimes a seasoned gambler loses a predictable game because of a mishap or unforeseen condition. When in cold streak, the player might also lose at a slot machine which he is known to always be a winner at.

What does a cold streak do to a person:

Continuous loses in games make the player vulnerable. Either the player will take a rash decision and end up losing all that he has or the player might totally refrain from betting in the future. In either of the cases, the player suffers a huge loss. If the player keeps on playing despite being in a losing streak, he might lose all he has. If the player stops playing, the player loses on all the wins that he can register.

How to cope when in a cold streak?

When in cold streak, the best way is to slow down a little. if the player keeps on playing, it could turn out to be a disastrous situation. On the other hand, if the player doesn’t play at all after a cold streak, the player will always be haunted by it. The best way is to experiment. Once struck by a cold streak doesn’t mean that the player has lost the ability to win. The player can bounce back after a while and end the cold streak.

Sometimes it is a strategy, or sometimes sheer coincidence that makes it feel like the player is in a cold streak. Sometimes to end the cold streak the player needs to get into a new game, explore new strategies, learn a few new techniques consult someone who has gone through this phase and then make a comeback. Cold streak is not a permanent phase and it shall pass

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Name: What Is A Cold Streak? – Explained

Posted On: 14/05/2019

Author: Alex Karidis