What Are Cascading Reels?

Cascading reels are the video slot machines in the casino. It is one of the most dynamic features in the slot machines which players are very excited to play. They are very common in almost all the casinos, it is just that it has different names used by different game inventors for example, Micro-gaming calls them “rolling reels”. NetEnt sometimes calls a similar game mechanic the “avalanche feature”. IGT and Play’s GO each call this feature “tumbling reels”. It is a quite widespread game so let us see in detail about cascading reels. The cascading reels are equal to retro games like Tetris.

What Are Cascading Reels?

What is cascading reels?

If you love the slot machines but you are wretched due to the fewer combinations of winning, cascading reels are the best choice for you. The feature of cascading reels in the video slot machines gives a number of winning combinations in the single spin for the player. With cascading reels, if a winning combination appears on the screen, those winning symbols tumble or cascade off the bottom of the screen. When that happens, new symbols appear to replace the lost symbols. If these activate another winning combination, then another set of symbols appear. That’s how easy the cascading reels are. These cascading reels allow the video animation to be displayed where the old symbols tend to disappear once the new symbols are displayed.  The players get more options of symbols to win but the amount of win does not differ so much in cascading reels.

What does cascading reels do?Advantages of cascading reels:

The cascade effect in the slot machines continues indefinitely until there are new symbols on the screen which create new winning combinations for the players. This is one case of cascade reels working in slot machines in another case these cascade reels the slot machine only activates the cascade effect a certain number of wins before moving on to the next spin. The best advantage of the cascade reels is that with every spin the multiplier increases, and it can reach up to 5X and 10X the original payout. This is why cascade reels are so often in slot machines.

Cascading reels Vs Standard reels:

It is crystal clear till now that there is a lot of difference between the normal slot machines and the cascading reels. The normal spinning reels is something that everyone going in the casino is aware of considering that they have been utilized in slot games since the creation of such products. However, is there really a better type of reel function?

While standard reels tend to provide a standard slot game experience in terms of the way they operate, the ones that we’re discussing here obviously have an alternative appearance and animation. The extra feature of cascading reels makes them slightly more appealing overall, considering the winning symbols disappear to make room for more new ones. As mentioned previously, this does give players of the games with this feature a bit more opportunity to create consecutive winning combinations, and therefore the possibility to trigger more in-game features and stronger winnings from a single ‘Spin’.

Advantages of cascading reels:

The cascading reels games are competent to offer up increasingly complex bonus games with a skill element involved to make players believe that they are in control of how much they win. It makes the player think that the luck is in his hand and he can create his own luck and that’s why players tend to sit more time in front of the cascading reels in the hope that they will win and precede their own luck.

The biggest advantage of the cascading reel is that players can access the pay-table which is at the bottom of the screen. This pay-table provides the players with all necessary information about their game, their payout levels, their jackpots everything.

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Name: What Are Cascading Reels?

Posted On: 18/05/2019

Author: Alex Karidis