Dozens Bet In Roulette

This article goes into detail on dozens bet, which happens to be an outside bet among many others in the game of roulette.  Now, roulette, as we all know, is one of the sweetest games around, with the variety of bets on offer helping keep players hooked on the incredibly fast-paced action and nerve-shattering suspense.

Making use of the dozens bet lets players wager on a dozen numbers featured on the roulette table. The aforesaid table is usually divided into a trio of groups, with the numbers ranging from 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36, and each group having a dozen numbers.

When players use the dozens bet, they are effectively betting on any of the above groups of numbers, rather than a random mishmash of numbers. This simplifies gameplay and also speeds it up.

Dozens Bet In Roulette

How To Place The Dozens Bet In Roulette

Supposing that players want to make a dozens bet during gameplay in any traditional casino, where exactly should their chips be positioned? Well, there happens to be a trio of areas for placing dozens bet during a roulette game. These areas are properly marked and comprise a trio of boxes that are numbered from 1-12, 13-25, and 25-36. Players can thus place their dozens bet on any of the three boxes that correspond to the numbers they are betting on.

Thus, should players choose to wager on the last 12 digits, their bets should be placed in the box found on the roulette table that’s marked 25-36. Using the dozens bet during roulette games provides a layer of fun and lets players spread the risks around and cover a lot of areas.

The Dozens Bet And How To Increase Chance Of Win At It

Now the procedure for making dozens of bets have been explained well enough, what remains is to detail just how wins happen in the dozens bet. This is reassuringly simple. As a dozens bet covers a dozen consecutive numbers, any time the roulette balls lands in a pocket that corresponds to the numbers the bet is won.

As for the odds involved in dozens bet, it bears knowing that just like virtually all outside bets, the odds are not all that good. As using the dozens bet lets players cover an extensive array of numbers, the payout is restricted to a rather low 2:1.

Thus, if players wager ₤5 on a dozens bet during a game of roulette and it hits, the hand is won and a payout of ₤10 is made, with the initial ₤5 remaining in play. However, when the dozens bet that players wagered on fails to hit, the entire amount staked is lost. As well, a zero results in a loss regardless of the dozen numbers that was wagered on.

The house edge for the dozen bet is roulette is identical to every other outside bet. Thus, it’s 5.26% when the American roulette version is in play and 2.70% when the version being used is European.

And this concludes the explanations regarding the dozens bet in the beautiful and incredibly fast-paced game of roulette, which is a game like no other, with a wheel like no other!

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Name: Dozens Bet In Roulette

Posted On: 19/11/2018

Author: Alex Karidis