What Does Four Card Straight Mean?

Poker has gained widespread attention of the casino players ever since its proclaimed inception in France in the 17th century. With such a rich history, it is bound to have pulled many combination and strategies to pull off well in the game. One such combination is Four Card Straight.

The term four cards straight is used in reference to a quartet of cards that are arranged consecutively. It is possible for these cards to come from any suit, but when they are all from a single suit, the hand is then referred to as a four card straight flush.

In the game of poker, a final fifth card that’s consecutively linked to the others is required in order to make the overall hand really valuable.


What Does Four Card Straight Mean?

All About The Four Card Straight

As previously mentioned, the four card straight refers to a poker hand with 4 cards that come in a consecutive order. A suitable example would be four of spades, five of clubs, six of hearts and seven of diamonds.

In standard five-card poker, there has to be yet another card that is not consecutively linked to the others in the hand. If it IS linked, the hand is a regular straight and quite valuable.

As a result, the four card straight is not all that valuable when viewed in isolation and the odds of it hitting are quite low. However, as just a single card is needed to transform it into a regular straight, that means the hand is a great starting point on the way to bigger things.

Types Of Four Card Straight

There are quite a few different forms of the four card hand. This includes the four card inside straight, the four cards royal flush and the four cards straight flush. All these need a final, suitable card before they can become valuable enough to compete for the pot prize.

To break these card values down, the four card inside straight and the four card straight are roughly similar. However, the four card inside straight must necessarily be made up of open-ended numbers. This refers to numbers that are not positioned at either end of the whole 13-card spectrum.

For the four card straight flush, all the cards are consecutive and are additionally of the same suit. Lastly, the four card royal flush is made up of a quartet of high ranking cards like an ace and picture cards, all of which are of the same suit.

And that concludes our hopefully detailed explanation of the four card straight. Do feel free to indulge in all its different variants during your next poker game with friends and family and may Lady Luck see the need to bless you abundantly!

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Name: What Does Four Card Straight Mean?

Posted On: 17/11/2018

Author: Alex Karidis