What Is An Exotic Wager: Casino Definition

Exotic Wager is a term generally associated with horse racing. However, in any type of gambling sport, an exotic wager or an exotic bet is an unusual betting. Unlike straight bet where the players bet on a winning “team”, an exotic bet is more complicated. In Bingo, exotic refers to an unusual combination of numbers that records a win. In Casino and online casino games, this term is rarely used but holds significant importance.

What Is An Exotic Wager: Casino Definition

How does an Exotic Wager works

Wager or Betting go hand-in-hand with casino games. There are different types of wagers with different winning probability, risk factor, and payout. Any kind of wager work more or less in a similar manner. With every bet that a player places, the payout is won by correct predictions of the game.

Straight bets are the simplest types of wagers, bets are placed on the team or the player that is likely to win the game. An Exotic wager is more complex and it includes more terms than a simple bet. This includes any unorthodox casino game play. For example, an unusual strategy in roulette or placing a wager on an improbable poker hand.

Exotic Wager in Depth

An Exotic wager is not placed on one direct outcome. It’s on a combination of correlated outcomes. These outcomes are highly improbable hence very risky. The chances of winning are very low and hence the payout is quite handsome. When similar bets are played for low-stakes they are called “chance bet”.

Exotic bets are usually played by experienced players. Veterans of the game often risk-high to earn more. The chances of winning are very low but the payoff is very big. Because of the high-risk factor involved, newbies and play-it-safe gamblers do not place exotic bets, instead and go for straight bets.
Gimmick bets, Accumulators, Round Robins, Box reverses are all a type of exotic wager. Moreover, any unusual combination of bets falls under the category of exotic bets. An Accumulator is another one of the exotic wagers.


Accumulator also knows as “Acca”, is a type of exotic bet. Acca depends on several different less likely outcomes. Thus, it involves high risk and high payout. The final payout in an Acca bet depends on “multiplied odds” of each single win outcome. Acca bets are generally seen in horse racing and soccer (football) games. However, Acca is enjoyed in almost every type of gambling and casino games.

How Acca works

Placing an Acca bet means placing a bet on three or more co-related selections (probable winning outcomes). Unlike a straight bet, there are more than 3 results related to each other in one Acca. To win an Acca, a player have to win all the possible outcomes. Failure in winning any of the selections will lead to a zero payout. That’s why Acca is a high-stakes bet and is generally played by big gamblers. In Sports like soccer, Acca is very famous as it gives big payout from a significant low bet.

In casino games, Acca or exotic wagers work in an interesting way. The gamblers pick more than two selections or winners. If all the selected players by the gambler win, then a big profit payout is earned. However, if any of the selected outcome or player fails, the gambler gets paid nothing. And the final payout depends on individual bets placed on all the players or selections.

Sometimes, an Acca or the other type of exotic bets can be “folded”. If the gambler is unsure of all the selections, the bet can be cashed out. This will result in low-profit payout on individual bets. Exotic wagers involve very high risk, that’s why they’re rarely used in online casino games.

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Name: What Is An Exotic Wager: Casino Definition

Posted On: 20/12/2018

Author: Alex Karidis