Blackjack True Count Drills

Keeping eye on the deck of cards and true count drills seriously affect your level of winnings in a game of blackjack. After all it is the insights of the players that make them win big.


And when you are playing with a single deck of cards, the blackjack true count drills can be used to predict what your fate is going to be like. The simplest way to go about it is to practice dividing the deck of cards into fractions i.e. half, a quarter, half quarter, three quarter etc.

Single deck counting drill

Running count Fraction of deck on the table True count
1 3 quarter 1.3
1 Half 2
1 Quarter 4
2 3 quarter 2.6
2 Half 4
2 Quarter 8
3 3 quarter 4
3 Half 6
3 Quarter 12
4 3 quarter 5.3
4 Half 8
4 Quarter 16
5 3 quarter 6.6
5 Half 10
5 Quarter 20

It is the estimate of the cards on the table that helps you decide the count. Make you familiarized with what a half, a quarter and 3 quarter for a single deck of cards looks like. When you are able to look at it and say clearly the level of the decks, the running count becomes easier.

Multi-deck card games

In multi-deck card games the number of decks increase and so does the need to predict the decks on the table. For a two deck card game, a half is equal to a deck of card and a quarter is actually half a deck of cards. While dealing with just two decks would be easy, when it comes to casinos there are generally 8 decks of cards used.

When there are a lot of card decks, the practice gets difficult. You might just need to purchase 30 or 40 decks or can start with your own DIY i.e. construction papers for building up deck heights.

The casino deck of cards is usually 5/8 inches thick and 2 ½ inches wide. Therefore, the measurements can be used to cut the sizes of construction paper stacks. There can be used differently sized cut-outs to paste on the indexed cards to determine their size and metrics. Once the estimates are ready start practicing the estimates from far! You can learn to predict the stack of cards on the table in proportions like half, one quarter, 3 quarter, etc.

Each time you predict the size of the stack check on it by flipping the side.

Testing your skills!

The first real experience of card counting is quite an experience. Even the most experienced players would agree that when they walked into the door of a real casino with the intention to get better at card counting on the table, the whole experience was both exciting yet nervous. There can be a lot of basic strategies but the first experience of card counting will always be a lot uneasy for the players.

The thrill of being discovered by the dealer, fear of judgment being a beginner and the juggle of confidence will all be a struggle to deal with. With the multi-deck of cards on the table, the experience becomes so overwhelming that indeed even the brightest of players forgot their count in the first few sessions. Being disappointed would be quite natural, but it is the practice that shall make the skills perfect!

The key to success!

A player needs to have the basic understanding of the strategies and should get exceptionally well with counting the cards. And for this one needs to be aware to the fullest. Here the player is needed to keep the card counting when they are surrounded by a table full of players and dealer, striking a conversation and making a blank face. The awareness is necessary not just for counting the cards but placing the right bet on it too. Without driving undesired attention to you, play the rounds with exquisite ease to be able to predict and win better in the game.

Make sure you know other’s reactions and intentions well while you play the blackjack with true counting drills!

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Name: Blackjack True Count Drills

Posted On: 24/12/2018

Author: Alex Karidis