What Is A Flashed Card?

In this industry of casino gaming, the competition gets tougher each day where casinos are trying to showcase their potential and trying to attract as many customers as they can. The cut-throat competition doesn’t allow any sorts of mistakes that may eventually lead to a bad repute, and thus eventual loss of customers and players. One such evidently marked mistake is the scenario of ‘Flashed Card’. The mistake can be on the behest of the dealer or even by the player. While many casinos deem that a flashed card should be replaced or placed on a ‘discard pile’, many other casinos don’t offer this same route and blame the player on the advent of them flashing the cards as a mistake.

What Is A Flashed Card?

Understanding Flashed Card:

When dealing with cards, there might be a slight chance that the cards being dealt might be exposed or flashed to everyone on the table. This can either be caused as a mistake on behalf of the player or by the dealer himself. The possible reason can be that the deck is worn out that leads to a corner turn, which snags and flips the card, thus exposing it to others. Card dealers are trained extensively to avoid such mistakes and decks are always changed to avoid it as well. However, sometimes players can expose the cards which may or may not be apprehended by opponents and thus can lead to a possible edge to the opponents as well. In such cases, it is regarded as inexperience on part of the player and is thus asked to be responsible for the move themselves.

Implications of a Flashed Card:

On an unfortunate advent of a flashed or exposed card, it is usually disposed of and excluded from the gameplay. It is added to a pile of cards called as the ‘discard pile’. But this is only observed when the mistake is committed by the card dealer. In a scenario where the player makes the mistake, it’s no more an ‘exposed’ card, but deemed as a ‘flashed’ card. And thus, it is considered that the player should be responsible for their action and are usually asked to play along for the rest of the round. The loss of edge is not considered as a valid point for the player to claim a new card.

Edge Sorting Vs. Flashed Cards:

There is a lot of apprehensions when it comes to edge sorting and flashed cards. Many inexperienced players consider edge sorting similar to this. In fact, there is a subtle difference to both the meanings. While cards that are flashed is an evident mistake on the part of the player or the card dealer, edge sorting is basically determining the value of the card that is dealt by the dealer, by probably observing the minor flaws in the deck of the cards. Experts at edge sorting are able to determine if the dealt card is valued high or not, by observing pattern-based flaws on the deck of the card. Edge sorting is considered to be an illegal attempt, unlike the flashing of cards and mostly leads to the banishment of the players who practice this illegal technique. The most famous case that was observed was in Phil Ivey’s case where he used a ‘Mandarin’ speaking lady to determine the card values through edge sorting. It is important to note that flashing of cards is not illegal and will not lead to any possible repercussions.

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Name: What Is A Flashed Card?

Posted On: 04/01/2019

Author: Alex Karidis