What Is Shuffle Tracking?

With the advent in the rising popularity of online casino market, players and gamblers have understood and identified its limitless potential to help them gain decent payouts from the virtual platforms. And the increase in demands of games means that there has been a rising number of players who have stepped into this field.

All players use certain tactics which will allow them to receive a better payout incentive. Shuffle Tracking is one such tactic which allows players to increase their chances of earning better payouts through diligent observing. It has been practised by many, as many also claim that it’s potentially one of the greatest moves that professional gamblers can teach themselves. It is important for viewers to understand that this tactic is applicable only on table-based casino games and the ones which involve cards in them, only.

What Is Shuffle Tracking?

Shuffle Tracking – its meaning and usage:

Shuffle Tracking in general means to track the order of cards that are shuffled (or placed in piles) in a game. Cards are shuffled before and throughout the game. In this tactic, the player observes the way in which the dealer shuffles the decks of cards. It allows players to assess where the cards are assigned in the deck, at a specific order. It will also allow them to predict the next dealt card to them, and thus they can determine if they have to bet low or high stakes accordingly.

How Shuffle Tracking works:

It is quite important to know the state of the deck of cards that is being or is about to be shuffled. As long as the player knows how the cards started off, it gets relatively easier to determine the order of the cards placed in the shuffled decks. Another important aspect to consider is that the cards should be cut into two stacks perfectly. Each cut should comprise 26 cards each in both the stacks (if in case dealing with only 2 card decks). It has a high variance probability and is incrementally important for the player to consider the cards that are present on the top and bottom most positions. Trackers keep a track of the way the cuts are made to the stacks and the cards that are disposed of in the ‘Discard’ tray as well.

Alternatives to curb shuffle tracking:

Hand Dealing of cards, in itself, is difficult to overcome for players, in order to observe and predict the right outcomes. However, such hand dealt methods are liable to incur some rates of errors and can lead to an efficient shuffle tracking manoeuvre. These days with the integration of Automatic Shuffling machines, it gets seemingly impossible to predict the cards that are about to be dealt to players. But since as these machines work on a set known algorithm, theoretically it is possible to understand how machines work and thus, players can determine their predictions and outcomes. Some players have claimed to have shuffle tracked correctly but those still remain as unproven claims.

Shuffle Tracking can be of high advantage to players. However, it is also necessary to consider that it’s an intricate move to master and needs rigorous practice. Contrary to the popular view, this tactic is not something that only professional, advantage players can understand and master, but is applicable to all. All that’s needed is to focus and to be alert enough to recognize any slugs of high cards and aces through a shuffle and to observe chances of decreasing the house edge.

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Name: What Is Shuffle Tracking?

Posted On: 08/01/2019

Author: Alex Karidis