Your Go-to Guide to Roulette Side Bets

Roulette is one of the few casino games that come with a number of betting options. From even money bets like Red/Black and Even/Odd to single number wagers that have the highest odds, the game of Roulette has something for every type of casino player.

While all of these betting options are great, some Roulette players who have been wagering on them for years may want to try something new. And this is where side bets in Roulette come in. They give an interesting twist to the traditional Roulette gameplay and make it more engaging and exciting.

Continue reading to know more about some of the most popular Roulette side bets.

Lucky Ball Roulette

Lucky Ball is a side bet game for Roulette that can be found at some popular mobile casino sites out there. This side bet comes with a betting area that allows players to wager on 4 different coloured slots.

The four sections in this side bet are coloured red, yellow, green and blue, though they may vary from one gambling venue to another. When it comes to payouts, all 4 slots have different payout rates, ranging from 6:1 to 120:1.

Now let’s take a look quick look at the working of this Roulette side bet. Once all the players have placed their wagers, the game assigns a unique number for each colour and displays it. Then if the ball comes to a stop in the number that’s associated with a Lucky Number bet, then the player wins the amount that’s shown for the colour.

Below are the expected payout odds for various Lucky Ball bets:

Lucky Ball bets Payout Odds Possible Bonus Payout Odds
Red bet 6 to 1 120 to 1
Green Bet 12 to 1 100 to 1
Blue Bet 20 to 1 75 to 1
Yellow Bet 25 to 1 60 to 1


Jackpot Street Double Six

Based on the standard Roulette-wheel, Jackpot Street Double Six is a set of Roulette side bets. As opposed to online Blackjack which uses just a single way (cards) to generate results, the pay of Jackpot Street Double Six is based on the Roulette spin as well as the roll of two dice.

In Jackpot Street Double Six, there are a total of 12 side bets that cover a row of three numbers each. Note that these twelve wagers are in addition to the regular street bets in online Roulette.

When playing this side bet, you’ll win if the ball happens to land on one of the numbers of your chosen row. Your final payout will be based on the roll of the two dice, as given below:

  • Six on both dice – Payout is 90:1
  • Six on one die – Payout is 17:1
  • Six on neither dice – Payout is 5:1

Roul 8

This Roulette side bet uses three custom dice, each of which has five sides blank and one side with an infinity symbol. As with some other Roulette side bets, Roul 8 can be enjoyed on any standard Roulette wheel.

The betting table for Roul 8 is quite similar to that of standard Roulette, with the only major exception being the presence of the Roul 8 betting layout between the areas of colour bets.

In Roul 8, the three dice are rolled in a dome that vibrates on every Roulette spin. Here, wins are based on the number of dice that come to a stop on the infinity symbol and whether the ball landed on the number 8.

Below is the paytable for Roul 8 that expresses pay on a “for one” basis:

Ball lands on 8 Number of Infinity Dice Payout
Yes 3 888
Yes 2 88
Yes 1 8
Yes 0 4
No 3 88
No 2 2
No 1 0
No 0 0


So, these were some of the popular side bets that players can enjoy while playing Roulette online. By no means this is a complete list; there are a plethora of other Roulette side bets played in both land-based and online gambling sites across the globe. The rules for each of these side wagers are different, so make sure you take the required time to practice before using them.

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Name: Your Go-to Guide to Roulette Side Bets

Posted On: 15/08/2022

Author: Alex Karidis