A glance into the history of casino games

The world of gambling and games is ancient; even one can track their existence even before centuries. Gambling has been a vital part of our entertainment for a long time.

Most of the gambling games we play originated from their ancient versions, which are very similar to modern gambling games. The history of live casino games is very descriptive, even though it’s unclear from various aspects.

Most famous cities in the world have hallmark places with casinos that showcase the importance of gambling in today’s world. Have you ever wondered about the origin and reasons that carried the legacy of gambling to this 21st century?

In this article, we will discuss the multi-thousand years of heritage of gambling games and online casinos. So let’s buckle up as we are in for a timeline bumpy ride!

Who invented the casino?

It is a scandalous question that is a hot topic for many debates, so let’s begin with finding a quick and smooth answer for this one. As you know, major cities worldwide are considered void without a couple of reputable casinos. 

The first modern-day casino opened its doors in 1638, Venice.The casino was named II Ridotto. Historians consider this one of the world’s first commercial casinos ever functioned.

The word Ridotto means a public place for entertainment with music and delicacies. Ridotto opened its doors as a way to entertain the patrons of the annual function of the city called the Venetian Carnival. Initially, ordering food and drinks was compulsory, and the Ridotto II followed a mandatory dress code to enter, such as hats and masks.

Blackjack is the most popular gambling game ever created. There are specific reasons which resulted in the worldwide acceptance of the game. The major one among them is the concept of beating the house. 

There are many reasons why gamblers find it very attractive to play the game and beat the house, so they put blackjack as their favourite game. The dynamic feeling of winning the dealer is the most desired scenario by most blackjack lovers. You can easily find a mobile version of the blackjack in our mobile casino section of the website.

Let’s get back to the history hunt; the earliest trace of blackjack or a similar variant goes back to 16 the century. During the early days, card-counting was allowed, and gamblers took most advantage of that. Unfortunately, card counting is not acceptable nowadays, even though it’s not illegal.

Modern-day online blackjack and ancient blackjack were similar but with slight changes in the rules. Adding blackjack to the list of games in the casinos has helped casino owners to gain a reputation and has been a high source of revenue. Therefore blackjack is considered the backbone of the gambling world.

The History of Roulette

The invention of roulette was a game changer in the gambling industry. The chronicle of roulette is almost synonymous with the saga of casinos.

Roulette is the invention of a French mathematician called Blaise Pascal in Paris. Pascal constantly endured constant failures before he invented today’s roulette game

Initially, he named its little wheel, a.k.a the French roulette. Right after the invention, roulette started gaining popularity casinos began to include roulette in their best list. Soon the word started to spread over the world roulette became globally like a wildfire. 

Since its invention, roulette has undergone many changes and resulted in several variants, such as European Roulette, American Roulette, Single-Zero roulette, and online roulette.

The History of craps

Craps is one of the favourite games in the gambling industry. Not only it is well-liked but also highly recognisable among the gambling community. Craps is one of the oldest gambling games ever, with a history that can be traced back to as early as 2,000 B.C – yes, you heard that right! It is older than the Egyptian civilisation. 

Unlike any other casino game, dice games hold a special place in the heart of every casino lover. Craps keeps the casino fully loaded because of the excitement the game offers.

The first trace of dice was in Mesopotamian ruins, showcasing the popularity of craps in the ancient period. Following constant improvisations, craps have become the brand new modern-day craps that are irresistible!

The History of slots

The history of gambling games is not complete without the mention of slots. Slots are the most nostalgic gambling game ever created in the history of gambling.

Everyone loves slots irrespective of age, gender, and nationality. This coin-operated fun machine was under development on both sides of the world simultaneously. 

Almost during the same period, the United Kingdom and the USA had designed their versions of slot games that gained popularity in less time.

Slot machines have undergone drastic changes and have become the best version we play nowadays. The first ever slot machine was developed by Bally’s casino, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The name of the game was Money, Honey. They designed the game with attractive flashlights, music, and mind-blowing rewards. The jackpots offered by slot machines became the prime reason behind the celebrity status of slot games.

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Name: A glance into the history of casino games

Posted On: 15/07/2022

Author: Alex Karidis