A Brief History of Video Poker

Video poker holds a strong position in casino gambling today and with innovations and varieties of poker games available at online casinos, the game’s popularity is beyond definition. Video poker originated in the 1800’s, close to the time after Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell Slot Machine.


Ever wondered what might have led to the origins of Video Poker

In the year 1901, the inventor of the slot machine added a new feature on his brainchild known as the “draw feature”. With this feature, some of the drums could be held when the slot machine was spun for the second time. This contributed to the machine’s popularity as people counted it as a skill-based gambling machine rather than being recognized as a purely random one; setting the foundation of what today is known as video poker.

Featuring 5 drums on reels to be spun around each time the player inserted a coin and pulled the lever, players had to choose which ones they wanted to hold and which they wished to be re-spun. The drum initially displayed 50 cards and thus reduced the odds of winning. At this stage, players were unaware that they were playing with an incomplete cards deck. Later Sittman and Pitt refurbished the design to manufacture upgraded slot machines.

The arrival of the electronic Poker Machine

The first electronic Poker bell slot machine was introduced in 1975 but didn’t gain much popularity among players. The re-crafted design launched as the draw poker machine, this became an instant hit as players could see their cards on a screen and could use the same poker game rules that they were used to at a brick-and-mortar casino.

In 1979, Si Redd’s coin machine entered the market with its unique design of the draw poker machine. Poker machines kept evolving with time and they were no longer restricted to the peripheries of a land casino. People could play video poker at airports, train stations and in some high-end cafes.

Poker on the cyber-lines

It was the 90’s when poker could be played online. With online poker, players could bet as desired and easily transfer money to casinos via internet payment methods. Today, with its rising popularity, almost every online casino offers a wide collection of poker games. High-quality software, enticing graphics, mesmerizing soundtracks and abundant features keep players engaged for hours of video poker. No longer does a player need to physically travel to a casino or a destination to play the choicest poker version; thanks to mobile casinos, poker aficionados can access latest poker games from the comfort of their nest and even when on the move.

Accessible on portable devices, best software studios ensure compatibility and impeccable performance of games on smaller screens, whether it be smartphones or tablets. From Charles Fey’s workshop to online poker, the game has travelled in time and takes a crowned seat in the heart of Poker lovers. Today, at new gambling sites players can also enjoy a plethora of bonuses and promotional offers to win massive real money rewards by playing video poker.

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Name: A Brief History of Video Poker

Posted On: 24/08/2018

Author: Alex Karidis