Why Are Online Slots Better?

Have you wondered why most top online casinos have a chunky section of games dedicated to online slot games? Well, not only are the slot games popular, they come with a plethora of advantages for players. While there are various other equally popular online casino games such as the classic table games, poker, scratchcards and more, online slots continue to enjoy a special position in the online gambling market. Here, we look into a few prominent aspects that contribute to the online slots frenzy.

Why Are Online Slots Better?

No special skills or strategy required for playing online slots

While games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker may require some strategies to be applied to increase the odds of winning, online slots may not require you to tax your brains while playing. Think of the auto-spin feature that can reap rewards while you relax over a cup of coffee with your friends. What’s more, you get to adjust the pace of spinning reels. With a fat bankroll, you can squeeze nearly 500 spins every hour!

You can grab massive rewards

With fortune by your side, you can cherish the huge reward money if you happen to crack a jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots come with enormous prize money that can make you a millionaire overnight! Compared to wins on table games, when playing any online slot you can win much more on every single spin. Most table games have a higher house edge than online slot games. The payback percentage known as RTP ensures to reserve a specific amount of your total wagered amount on online slots. This means that the more you play the more realistically you will be able to determine how long it would take you to win some that wagered money back.

Get you go gaga over themes and features

Online slots offer variety in the real sense. Even if you select a variant of roulette or blackjack, you will be playing the same game in various ways. In slots, you get to pick from a wide collection which includes video slots, the classic 3-reel slots, slots with cluster pays, progressive jackpot slots, local jackpot games and those with unique features. Moreover, the fascinating themes can tune your mood to anything you are up for. Whether its adventure, music, mythology or anything under the sky that you fancy, you might just end up embarking on a journey you desire on the reels.

From bonus rounds, free spins, sticky wilds and more, the features, rewards and offers on slots are massive. Popular slot titles are also advertised by top casinos with big promotional features from time-to-time, making it a lucrative deal for the players to spin and win.

Greater Flexibility

When choosing to play online slots, you can select your pay lines and also bet as per your bankroll per line before spinning the reels. Some slot games also allow betting on a single pay line making it cost-effective for the players. You can play at your own pace unlike most of the table games where the game’s pace is mostly set by the dealer or fellow players. Many popular casinos also allow players to run a free trial of the games prior to staking real money.

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Name: Why Are Online Slots Better?

Posted On: 25/08/2018

Author: Alex Karidis