Importance of VPNs in Online Gambling

Importance of VPNs in Online Gambling

Since August 1996, when online casinos started gaining global recognition for the first time, gambling has become a common leisure-activity for millions of people worldwide. And, its popularity is only increasing with every passing day. 

However, while online gambling is legal in most European and American states, needless to say, every country is not as permissive. But you wouldn’t like to give up on your recreational hobby just because you are on a travelling spree and the gambling website is restricted in the countries you have planned to visit, would you? 

This is where Virtual Private Network (or, in short, VPN) comes into play. In simple terms, they function as a deft relay system that spells it’s magic to trick your server into believing the internet is being accessed from a different location altogether. It will mask the traffic directed towards your network as well as all the data you receive and send via your network. 

Why Is Vpn Essential in Online Gambling?

Various countries have started incorporating upgraded technology that tracks the IP addresses of online gamblers to filter out access from locations where gambling is illegal. These sophisticated systems limit the online content significantly for international users or sometimes can even ban the entire online gambling sessions.

Also, adding to your inconvenience, your internet activity is tracked by local internet providers who, more often than not, sell your valuable information to e-commerce companies. 

This only results in a cluttered computer screen with thousands of niche advertisements as the companies then start showing you product recommendations, based on your searches and online clicks. Which is definitely a sheer violation of privacy, but it happens anyway!

Of course, no one likes to be monitored by service providers or bombarded with targeted advertisements while playing an intense game. And, such ordeals will be impossible to avoid, at least in the foreseeable future, unless you opt for using a VPN.

Here’s How Vpn Helps

This smart technology is capable of creating impenetrable pathways for online activities. They make sure your data is encrypted and encapsulated to a great extent and that it travels safely without interference from third parties. 

On top of that, your online sessions remain completely safe from hackers and other third-party applications that might have restricted your activity otherwise. What’s more, even if we hypothetically consider someone had the means of intercepting it, without the correct encryption keys, the information will be nothing but indecipherable gibberish.

Overall, the stand-out benefit of a VPN software, which makes it a blessing for online gambling enthusiasts, is its ability to reroute IP addresses. Say, for example, you are requesting to access a gambling site that is banned or restricted in your country. By simply installing a VPN, you can now make it seem like the request came from a whole new location altogether. And Voila, the supposedly restricted site becomes accessible within seconds.

The VPN routes your internet connection through a server of your home country, or with a country that has permissive gambling laws like the US/ UK. So, now you will be able to access all the online gambling websites you wish to visit and don’t have to stay blocked because of your location.

Tips for Choosing an Ideal Vpn for Your Gambling Needs

Here’s good news for all the online gambling enthusiasts; VPN software is quite cheap, and there is no dearth of free versions that are up for grabs. But, on the contrary, this convenience of accessibility also adds to the frustration of users as it makes the process of selecting the good ones from the downright duds extremely complicated.

So, to avoid restrictions during online gambling and enjoy your favourite casino games without interruption, it becomes essential to know the golden rules of screening the VPNs. Here’s a quick checklist of the essential aspects you must assess to pick the best ones from the vast sea of fake gimmicks available online. 

  • If you want to access restricted online casinos, you must opt for a VPN with a geo-relocation facility. Otherwise, you will end up spending your precious dollars only to find out later that its configuration does not allow the device to relocate your browsing IP to another safe network, which will defeat the basic purpose of installing the VPN anyway.
  • You should also check whether the VPN has laid out its privacy policy clearly and guarantees ‘no-logging’.  The no-logging facility will be fundamental to ensuring the VPN doesn’t succumb to DNS leaks. 
  • These VPNs automatically shut down the internet connection in case it fails to hold the site against stubborn blocking applications, thereby ensuring your IP is not exposed.

In a Nutshell

Well, we hope we could give you a pretty balanced idea of what to look for in your VPN to enjoy a hassle-free online gambling session. A premium quality VPN will definitely help you partake in versatile and limitless playing experience. Good Luck!

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Name: Importance of VPNs in Online Gambling

Posted On: 17/04/2020

Author: Alex Karidis