Testing Your Roulette System Before Diving Into the Game

Testing Your Roulette System Before Diving Into the Game

Playing professional Roulette is like any calculated investment. You can still make losses, although the correct application can produce long term steady results. And just like any other business venture, it always helps to do proper research before risking your money. Of course, it is common sense to test your system thoroughly, but for most players, testing involves lots of real play and risking money. And when they have eventually lost a fortune, they conclude their system does not work. It is much smarter to test without real money. That way you risk nothing but lost time. The existing methods can be developed further to make them even better, and easier to use. You can save a lot of time and money if you know how to properly test your systems. This article will inform you how to use a Roulette tester properly.

Are Your Wins Lucky or Is There a Working Strategy?

You always have to remember that this is “gambling” in every sense of the word. Even if your system brought positive results significantly in 100 spins, it is still not complete assurance that your system is effective. There is still the chance it was just luck. Additionally, you may be testing a statistically small amount of spins. For example, your system was simply betting red on every spin, and you profited over 500 spins. You may naturally assume your system of “just bet red” is great and has defeated Roulette. But the reality is any system can win over 500 spins. Statistically, a system is more likely to lose, but if you considered 500 random spins, you may find 200 of them were black, and 300 were red. Does it mean your system is effective, or you were just lucky over a small sample of spins?

If you would have done any significant statistical testing with Roulette, you would know even a guaranteed losing system can achieve profits over more than 10,000 spins with a bit of luck. Almost always people try to test their system by actually applying it. This is the wrong way to do it because it would take years to “manually” test a statistically significant amount of spins.

Test the Working Principle of Your Roulette Strategy

There must be a reason why any Roulette system works. Though this sounds simple, most people blindly test hoping that there is some unknown principle or secret that they have uncovered, which makes them win. What you need is a proper system checker. When developing a system, it should begin with an idea. Any good Roulette strategy needs a solid concept. 

Here Are the Keys to Proper Testing

Let us first use the concept of thinking that eventually there will be some kind of balance that occurs. For example, say 10 reds spin in a row. Now you may believe that red is on a streak or you may believe that black is finally due to spin next. The reality is that odds do not change because previous spins do not affect future spins, or at least in the way that most gamblers expect. But for the sake of keeping things simple, let us assume that you think black is finally due to spin. But before you waste money testing this principle, check the results of real Roulette spins, and look for cases where there are many red numbers in a row. Then check how many times either black or red wheel spin next. Forgetting that zero exists, normally you can expect there to be a 50-50 chance of either colour spinning. Now does your test indicate the odds change after a streak of colours?

Further, you have to test the principle by which you are increasing the accuracy of predictions. A working principle in your terms is much easier to test over very large volumes of spins. For example, if your system is to wait for 10 reds in a row then bet black, then you would need to test hundreds of thousands of spins where 10 reds have spun consecutively, and then determine if the probability of black spinning next is any different to normal.

Next, you have to consider the elements of the physical behaviour you are modelling. For example, if you are evaluating a roulette computer device, then you may want to test if it can accurately predict where the ball will first hit on the wheel. Or you can also try to practise your predictions by playing roulette online for free. And if the computer can do that with very high accuracy, then you will need far fewer spins to assess whether your profits are due to luck, or an accurate Roulette computer.

Ultimately if your approach to testing is efficient, then, you can know if your system is likely to be effective without relying on luck, and profitable, without you needing to risk a lot of time and money and with far fewer spins.

Roulette Simulator

You should never test your strategy with software provided by casinos because they are often rigged. Also, it is difficult to beat most of the games of Roulette online because it uses random number generators. But you can play roulette online for free without risking your money.

Your Intentions Should Be Clear

Many players just want to have fun and are not looking to make money on a serious basis. But in cases where you are serious about winning at Roulette, properly testing will save you a lot of time and money. You should carefully consider that most systems have already been tried and tested, and you should not waste time repeating people. Or you can also try to practise your predictions by playing Roulette online for free. If you understand the basic principles of Roulette, you will ultimately realise that the only way to beat it is by increasing the accuracy of your predictions.

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Name: Testing Your Roulette System Before Diving Into the Game

Posted On: 10/04/2020

Author: Alex Karidis