Is Gambling Research That Useful?

Is Gambling Research That Useful?

Gaming at a casino is one of the emerging things which has formed its roots quite firmly in society. The casino industry has risen across the world quite rapidly. The gambling industry can be considered as a boon even to the economic growth of a country.

There were many types of research conducted, to find out the usefulness of the gambling industry; let us have a look at this matter.

Compromised Gambling Research

The individuals who want good quality evidence regarding the consequences of the gambling industry firstly need to understand the knowledge of this industry thoroughly before conducting any gambling research. 

Amidst other so-called tabooed industries, gambling is such an industry that involves knowledge of the researcher, regular debates, discussions, and interrogation on the strategies used by the players. The gambling industry is a massive industry that is devoid of disclosure policies, and many researchers failed to get a reflective and outright result out of the gambling research.

These surveys are not that popular as anyone is ready to talk about it and any individual may not risk his or her life to state any comment about the gambling industry, which are needed for some basic research. Thus, the reliability and validity of the research faced many questions that remained unanswered. This is indeed a problem, especially among the underdeveloped or developing countries, and also among the countries where the gambling industry has not been legalised yet.

What Are the Problems with Gamblers?

According to previous studies, a vast number of gambling researches were conducted. However, it rests on the assumption that gambling is a harmless leisure activity that makes a contribution to public funds through taxation.

Meanwhile, solutions to the problems with gambling are yet to be sorted on an individual level. The alternate approach of gambling, which cannot be denied, is that this industry has become an important source of income for many countries. Meanwhile, proper invigilation and notice can help the country and its citizens to live a better life, which in turn can help the researchers to conduct any further research on the gambling industry. 

Role of Research in the Gambling

So far, all the arguments, agendas, and solutions given or suggested by the researches have fallen into deaf ears of the authority in charge. The researchers who are doing their research under any field have to be fearless and bold enough to reach its final destination with the results or consequences of that particular study.

In this case, the research involved in gambling research has to be sterner and firm at their work, as they have to face a lot of obstacles to get to their final goal. And as the gambling industry is illegal in many places, no individual or organization wants to be ready to get involved in the research which is related to the gambling industry. It is perhaps the skills of the researcher to take up this challenging task and help the study to get a conclusion.

Final Thoughts

The gambling researches are criticised and ignored several times for being a taboo industry. Apart from this, research on gambling is illegal in many countries. And many organizations showed a lack of interest in fear of losing out on funds with the results comprehended with such studies conducted. However, there is a truth deficit associated with it. There is no proper evidence or facts to put their bets on such reviews to be absolutely justifiable. With all the obstructions and restrictions, we can only expect that shortly the will power and zest of the researchers would conduct more studies over gambling to reach a conclusion for the betterment of our society.

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Name: Is Gambling Research That Useful?

Posted On: 07/03/2020

Author: Alex Karidis