Gambling horoscope – Is the day lucky to Gamble?

Gambling horoscope - Is the day lucky to Gamble?

One of the general human traits is to seek various ways on how to get in front of every situation. In the world of gambling, anything that is believed to give you more chances of gaining becomes highly important. As with all things in life, sometimes luck may be in our favour. While there are plenty of online casino gamblers who take things as they come and hope that lady luck will be on their side whenever they play, there are countless others players who ask the question before they play.

What Are Gambling Horoscopes?

The gambling horoscope has appeared in the context of getting an advantage before playing games where luck plays an important role. Everyone has had a day when everything can go wrong, or when the personal energy level is at its lowest, without any absolute reason. All of these factors above can be explained through the gambling horoscope.

How Are the Horoscopes Made?

The fortune horoscope is based on the deductions of some characteristics generally available for a large percentage of people born in a certain period, related to a specific zodiac sign. The planets’ movements are also taken into account.

Gambling Horoscopes By Zodiac Signs:


People with this sign are known for their competitiveness. If these players know how to control their competitiveness from turning into aggression, they might enjoy some intense poker tournaments. Games based on skill and personal interactions with other gamblers or even a dealer are best advised to keep a safe distance from.

  • Aries lucky days- Tuesday and Saturday 
  • Aries lucky numbers-Luck favours the use of the number 9 and its multiples.
  • Most suitable casino games for Aries- Poker tournaments or Progressive slots.
  • Aries lucky colours for gamesAries is a zodiac sign tied with the fire element, therefore red favours this sign.


The main trait that the players with this sign have to offer is lack of interest when it comes to trying anything out of their comfort zone. But once started, they become steady players.

  • Taurus lucky days- Wednesday or Thursday
  • Taurus lucky numbers- 5 and 6 
  • Most suitable casino games for Taurus- Roulette, craps or classic poker.
  • Taurus lucky colours for gamesGreen


These players are full of life, very active, manage to gather around themselves a noisy, lively crowd since they thrive in the spotlight. 

  • Gemini lucky days- Wednesday and Sunday
  • Gemini lucky numbers- 3 and 5, with a focus on 15.
  • Most suitable casino games for Gemini- Craps or a very animated roulette table.
  • Gemini lucky colours for gamesBeing an air sign, yellow or any other bright option is favourable.


The players with this sign are indecisive and hate large crowds. However, once they find peace, they prove to be worthy opponents.

  • Cancer lucky daysSaturdays and Sundays
  • Cancer lucky numbers2 and its multiples up to 10
  • Most suitable casino games for CancerBingo or any online casino game
  • Cancer lucky colours for gamesRed is among the sign’s favourites.


These players put more passion into everything they do. They are risk-takers, making them casino games operators’ favourites.

  • Leo lucky days- Monday and Saturday. Leo gambling luck today gets a welcome boost whenever the sun shines since this star rules your sign. 
  • Leo lucky numbers- The lucky numbers for Leo are the prime numbers, mostly 1, 11.
  • Most suitable casino games for Leo- Poker tournaments and jackpots slots.
  • Leo lucky colours for gamesBright yellow or Gold


This sign is defined by the word “strategy”. Calculated risks are the most that anyone is going to get out of a player of this sign. They go through various scenarios over and over again.

  • Virgo lucky days- On Wednesdays and Saturdays, they make energies work in their favour.
  • Virgo lucky numbers- The best numbers that help Virgo gamblers to get the most from their online endeavours are 5 and 6.
  • Most suitable casino games for Virgo- Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette
  • Virgo lucky colours for gamesThe colour green has a beneficial effect.


Librans often become permanently restless and are always searching for a clearer decision. They also greatly vary the amounts of money they are willing to bet.

  • Libra lucky days- Friday 
  • Libra lucky numbers- 5,6,9.
  • Most suitable casino games for Libra- The new and flashy slot machines
  • Libra lucky colours for gamesThe colour which helps Libra is blue.


The main trait of Scorpio is that they make decision making look simple. This attribute of never second-guessing themselves gives the impression of having power and more information than the others. 

  • Scorpio lucky days- Tuesday 
  • Scorpio lucky numbers- The numbers more likely to shine luck on Scorpio are 1 and 4.
  • Most suitable casino games for Scorpio- Any game which requires patience and calm in the face of potential loses most likely poker.
  • Scorpio lucky colours for games- It favours intense colours like purple.


Sagittarius is always attracted to the shiny, new things and experiences, although their interest fades after a rather short period.

  • Sagittarius lucky daysThursdays make the best days for gambling, for this sign.
  • Sagittarius lucky numbers3,5,6,8
  • Most suitable casino games for SagittariusBingo or small amounts of bets for slot machines.
  • Sagittarius lucky colours for gamesThe colour orange has positive associations with this zodiac.


Capricorns are so disciplined that they always know their skills’ limits, the amount they need to achieve their purpose and the budget restraints they auto-impose.

  • Capricorn lucky daysSaturday
  • Capricorn lucky numbersAny combination of 6 and 8 brings luck to their gambling table.
  • Most suitable casino games for CapricornBaccarat and Blackjack
  • Capricorn lucky colours for gamesBrown


Aquarius seems to be the zodiacal sign that best fits the profile of a successful gambler. Its main trait is volatility, meant as the ability to change tactics as it goes along.

  • Aquarius lucky days- Saturday is full of luck
  • Aquarius lucky numbers- 3 and 7 hold the most power over Aquarius
  • Most suitable casino games for Aquarius- Live poker
  • Aquarius lucky colours for games- As any water sign, Aquarius feels more comfortable surrounded by deeper blue.


The zodiac sign is most affected by emotions and is highly imaginative.

  • Pisces lucky days- Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Pisces lucky numbers- 3, 5, 7, 9 
  • Most suitable casino games for Pisces- Slot machines and live Roulette
  • Pisces lucky colours for games- Ruby seems to spark the luck for Pisces when it comes to colours.


Having a strategy is a must in every game, even more so when it comes to gambling. Astrology can offer some valuable pointers on what games to be played, the colours to choose, the lucky numbers and the lucky days as well. We hope that the above guide helps you to come up with an answer the next time you ask yourself “Is today my lucky day to gamble?” And if the stars are aligned, give fortune a chance!

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Name: Gambling horoscope – Is the day lucky to Gamble?

Posted On: 16/03/2020

Author: Alex Karidis