What Really Is the James Bond Roulette Betting System?

James Bond is not only very adept at saving the world in minutes to spare, but James Bond also seems to be able to get lots of money in the casino. 

He is often seen scooping cash at baccarat, and, more famously, he took home the entire prize in a high-stakes poker game against Le Chiffre, the villain at the end of Casino Royale.

However, it’s Roulette which used to be Bond the creator, Ian Fleming’s favorite game preferred for the smooth spy. It’s not a James Bond roulette betting system wasn’t but for Bond films or books. It was simply a concept that he created.

First, let’s look at how to play the James Bond roulette strategy to determine if it leaves you shaken and not shaking.

How can we play the James Bond Roulette Betting System?

In a flat bet strategy, you wager the same amount of money each time. The James Bond roulette betting system generates decent returns fairly quickly. However, as with many of Bond’s adversaries, it may result in an unlucky, sticky end.

It is essential to have a solid budget to apply this roulette strategy. It is possible to bet 20 units per spin. That’s $20 per spin in our scenario. 

Undoubtedly, Mr. Bond would wager at most $200 or perhaps $2,000 per spin since he appears to splash the British government’s cash around. It’s a hybrid bet method that requires three bets each time.

In the beginning, you need to bet $14 on the highest number, which is 19-36. Then, you must put $5 on a 6-line (or Double Street), which means you put the bet where it is spread across 2 rows with three numbers. This is 13-18. Last, but the final $1 on the zero green.

This is the idea that by using this method, you can cover more potential outcomes than you would have. In this way, it is at a European roulette table with only one zero segment. 

If you’re on one of the American Roulette tables and we can’t see Bond ever doing this, you can place the bet of $1 in a split between the 00 and 0 segments.

Whatever happens from your initial spin, repeat the game as often as you like (or you can afford). In the end, hopefully, you walk away with some money.

Is this James Bond roulette betting system profitable?

It is a bit of a pity that Mr. Bond does not have the final say this time. Statistics show that any betting system cannot beat the odds in online roulette. If there were such a system, we’d every day be driving antique gold Aston Martin DB5s with a license to do whatever we wanted, minus the killing.

However, it could be fun to wear your tuxedo at the local casino. You can order an alcoholic vodka martini that is medium dry (shaken but without stirring) and try it. 

How do you think the James bond roulette betting system works?

Bond was a genuine and luck-seeking gambler throughout his numerous adventures on paper and screen. Baccarat was the most popular game preference, though Bond did occasionally play poker and roulette.

It is the James Bond roulette betting system used in roulette. It’s a straightforward system that needs 20 stake units. Bets will be made on a variety of sections and numbers. 

The concept of this strategy is that, by covering all possibilities, the gambler can make a bigger long-term gain. The entire range of numbers is included, except for the numbers 1-12. This is how the bets on James Bond roulette betting system are sized:

14 units

Outside bet 19-36

Pays 1/1

5 units

Inside bet 13-14-15-16-17-17-18 (the betting on the 6-line)

Pays 5/1

1 unit

Inside bet 0 (single zero)

Pays 35/1


Like many roulette strategies, it is similar to many roulette systems. James Bond’s staking plan has its advantages. However, players are always at risk of downswings and the house edge.

If you’re interested in the idea of a system based on progression, You can also test the Martingale strategy, where players make even-money out bets. Try both of them at no cost and decide what you prefer.

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Name: What Really Is the James Bond Roulette Betting System?

Posted On: 06/05/2022

Author: Alex Karidis