Is the Reverse Martingale Strategy Effective?

Just playing a Slot game could earn you a huge profit, but do you have the knowledge that you can improve your odds with casino strategies? 

A strategy that is a well-known method used by players is the reverse martingale strategy. This strategy doesn’t just increase the fun of your game. However, it could also pay you huge cash payouts.

What exactly is it, and how do you make it work? Is it the most effective martingale strategy? Find the answers to all your questions by reading about it!

A brief history of the reverse martingale

As one of the most enduring casino strategies, The reverse martingale technique was first utilized in the Basset Italian game. Also called ‘Paroli,’ it is now used extensively in various table games like baccarat and roulette. In addition, it’s known as the anti-martingale strategy for numerous players.

Reverse martingale strategy

Classic Martingale

It is the Classic Martingale strategy as follows. Place a bet of $ as an initial wager. If you are successful, bet $ for the next game. 

Should you be unsuccessful, you must double the amount you bet previously. In simple terms, you wager $, which is the number of losses in the same row. The goal is to get your bet back.

If we assume we begin with $100, our first wager is 1. We continue to play until there’s not enough cash in the pool to place the next bet. Assume we play roulette at an American table. We place bets on black or red that both have a chance of 18/38. 

It’s just a matter of 6 losses before the game is finished because we don’t have enough money to double our bet the 7th time. If we have an ongoing streak that is ten or more, it will become way out of control.

This may seem unlikely, but it’s likely to happen more frequently than you imagine. When we’ve won 27 times, we’ll have enough money to cover an unlucky streak of 6 and place bets for the seventh.

One slight change we’ve made is that if there’s not enough money to bet twice, we’ll simply place the remaining amount on the money pool. Or in the sense of going all-in. In with what one could be able to.

The simulation was fortunate, netting over $70 and more than 400 trials. However, one bad run and the game ended. You can plot any number of simulations you want.

And there are some shorter ones, and others are longer. However, they all end in the same manner. This is the typical design for the traditional strategy.

Reverse Martingale

Instead of double the bet on a loss, you can double the stake. It is not surprising that this strategy ends similarly to the traditional strategy.

The player’s cash balance gradually decreases by $1 for every loss. This strategy lets you see your cash disappear rather than disappear before your eyes.

This plot follows the same sequence similar to the previous plot. In this instance, the amount of cash held during the game is greater with the traditional strategy than with the opposite strategy.

Maximum cash

The distribution of the highest amount of cash owned by an individual player during any one moment in the game shows that the traditional strategy has an advantage over the reverse. 

However, the reverse martingale strategy does have the potential to get huge amounts. But, remember that these simulations ended in a total loss after the game. Perhaps the most important thing is knowing when to end?


This reverse Martingale strategy works very well, and there are many ways to either increase or decrease the risk.


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Name: Is the Reverse Martingale Strategy Effective?

Posted On: 04/04/2022

Author: Alex Karidis