Know your Casino Opponents Well Before Setting Your Slot

Know your Casino Opponents Well Before Setting Your Slot

Being the steady observer in gambling, you easily emphasize your strengths and eradicate your weaknesses. However, in Brightstar Casino, focussing on the opponents and understanding their actions or playing strategy are the keys to win the game. Besides, it also helps you understand the slot types with fewer problem-gamblers. 

Male Vs Female

Gender discrimination isn’t good unless its a casino and you’re playing against you opposite gender. As per the University of Salford, female players are mostly underestimated. In fact, some of the male players believe the claims of the females as bluffs and end up making higher bets. 

Excluding Poker, there is an end number of female casino online players in their late 40s. They come to casinos for 3-4 times a week and spend around £40 to £80 in each session. In short, their only concern is making money out of playing. Their only expectation from Brightstar Casino online is to gain bonuses, experience the diversity of games, security licensing and convenient payment methods.

On the other hand, most male Poker players are in their mid-30s or mid-20s. They are most likely to visit several casinos at a time and are likely to start the stake between £1 to a maximum of £5.

Despite being vibrantly different from each other, males and females both log in to play at Brightstar Casino online because of a few factors. For example – zero staff interruption, privacy policies, bonus alternatives, the different pool of players and mostly for fun.

Types of Slot Players in Brightstar Casino

Despite playing the similar mind-games, there are a few distinctions in every casino online player. Let’s find out.

  • The Adventurist, who keeps on winning lump sum cash amounts with recklessness. He loves picking up high variance games and gives his best on winning jackpot sums. Even without making enough combinations of symbols, he’s likely to keep high stakes on the slot.
  • The Hunter, who prefers gaining the highest winning sums and lump-sum bonuses or jackpots instead of the short term profit. He is the one making repetitive wins on Brightstar Casino by playing the bonus round slots.
  • The Systemaniac, who usually chooses the high-variance slots by betting the same amount of cash. Even though the game is going shady, he plays on high RTP to get the free spins activated along with the bonus feature. He’s obsessed with achieving his goals.
  • The Escapist, who has stepped on Brightstar Casino online just to release his stress. When indulging in different slots, it seems soothing for his mind. His ‘endorphin’ or the happiness hormone gets heavier on their low spirits while playing casino.
  • The Fatalist, who always believes this one to be their best game ever. His impulsive behaviour while budgeting for every “one last spin” often drags him into a real-time financial crisis.
  • The Immersive, who always tends to be the destroyer of every Brightstar Casino online game. He has a tendency to spin reels for a long time until the slot lines go invisible. Because of the trance, he’s always into, developing an issue while playing slots is constant for him. 

Types of Poker Players & Their Typical Moves

Especially, while playing Poker in Brightstar Casino, you find a variety of players with their interesting actions and moves. However, identifying and defining those actions can be a great way to acknowledge your own strengths and weaknesses for protecting yourself. So let’s move ahead.

  • The Rock, who mostly begins with passive bets despite having tight hands. He is the player who always turns back when it comes to betting on a few hands. In case you find him making a bet, it’s for sure that he is holding extraordinary hands.
  • The Calling Station, who is a newbie in Brightstar Casino online and recently started playing. He usually passes off his initial hands and hardly makes a bet. Similarly, they hardly go for playing double or triple wager. He always has the second-best hand and doesn’t play up to his actual potentiality as he undergoes a few weak hands.
  • The TAG, who barely calls despite starting off with a few good hands. His playing style makes his opponents fold their hands along with their aggressive tactics. However, if he doesn’t have a strong hand, there is a high possibility of losing the stack for him.
  • The LAG, who rarely calls but plays good hands simultaneously. He is the aggressive one who is always up for challenges. He’s always into bluffing by holding the best and keeping the rest folded.

Do any of these styles sound like your inner self? Hopefully, after going through the different player personalities, you can reframe your weaknesses while slotting on Brightstar Casino online and become a stronger player with skills.

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Name: Know your Casino Opponents Well Before Setting Your Slot

Posted On: 06/06/2020

Author: Alex Karidis