The Anti -Strategy Tips for Online Slots: How Not to Play

The Anti -Strategy Tips for Online Slots: How Not to Play

Well, when it comes to Online Slots, there are no such things as “Strategies” or “Tricks” that can surely increase the rate of hitting the jackpot. But, before going into all those technical things, we should know what Online Slots are! Well, they are very basic and hugely popular casino games in which the bettor or gambler gambles on the “outcome” of the spin at the comfort of their homes or in land-based casinos. The slots use algorithms to generate various possible outcomes depending on the spinning reels and the Online Slot simulator.

Now, it is a matter of the fact that slots are hugely popular because it doesn’t require any unique skill set, and there is no such possible technique that can be used to ensure the winning. Online Slots are mainly based on sheer luck. But some certain tips and advice are available, yet the players or gamblers do not pay any heed to them, which becomes one of the reasons that they win very little or even no money after spending a considerable amount, time and effort. So, today we will be discussing those “Anti- strategies.”

Do Not Rely on Any Strategies and Tricks Available

We all know that many games in casinos can be won with certain strategies and tricks like Blackjack, Poker, and so on. But Online Slot is not one of them. It has been discussed for a long time, but it needs to be brought into light again and again that Online Slots generate their result depends on scientific algorithms which generate random results. There are no tricks that can be used to determine the right slot combination at different spins as there may be hundreds of random combinations, perhaps thousands depending upon the simulator. Therefore, it will be best if you keep in mind that it’s mainly based on luck and tricks that have very minimal roles in winning.

Choosing Low Rtp Slots

This is one of the most common mistakes made by the bettors, which is choosing a low “Return to Player” slot game. Well, you have to understand that although these games have a small betting amount against a huge jackpot amount, on the contrary, these games have a huge house edge and a shallow rate of return as well. Online Slot game developers by law have to mention their high “RTP” slots.

Playing Without Any Cash Limitations Strategy

Cash limitations strategy generally means setting a specific amount of money that you’re going to bet, and after that, you’re going to leave the slot. This type of “cash-out” or cash limiting strategies are generally useful because they are made after considering your general financial position and loss of appetite. This type of cash-out strategy is useful in both situations like winning and losing, because either way it saves you from any loss that you can incur in Online Slot.

Playing After Hitting a Jackpot

This is also one of the most common mistakes made by the bettors, contrary to the popular belief that a person can have a winning streak in Online Slot. Well, as a matter of fact, the immediate moments after hitting the jackpot is the worst time for betting as the algorithms reset itself, and the sequences on the slot reels changes, and thus the house edge becomes very high at those immediate moments. And the bettor after winning a jackpot becomes confident that he can earn more money, but they tend to lose their waned money. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that after hitting a jackpot it is best to get off the slot and enjoy the accumulated money that you have won rather than re-betting it on the slots.

Use of “auto-Play”

Few Online Slot bettors advise that using “Auto-play” in those simulations can decrease the house edge. But, as lucrative as it may sound it’s not really the case, in actual it is contrary because while using the “auto-play” the players might feel that the game is spiraling out of control. After all, they do not even have to press a button or pull the digital bar. It is advisable to use “auto-play” only if you have a considerable amount of money that you can bet.


Therefore, we all can agree to the fact that there are no shortcuts to hitting the jackpot, at least in Online Slots. And also, all those strategies are a bunch of hoaxes. With all these new “Anti-strategies,” your chances of hitting the jackpot are considerably high.

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Name: The Anti -Strategy Tips for Online Slots: How Not to Play

Posted On: 30/05/2020

Author: Alex Karidis