Live Online Blackjack: Myths And Misconceptions

Slowly but gradually, live-dealer gaming is becoming the latest norm for online casino players. Try it out once, and you’ll be unable to return.

However, despite its many benefits, live casino gaming is still a mystery and has misunderstandings. Certain of them are alarming (or at the very least unclear) enough to turn people off of giving it a shot.

To clear some of the doubts, we’ve put together a short overview of myths and misconceptions concerning live online blackjack.

1. You must place a larger bet when you play live online blackjack

It is often believed that because there are live dealers who are in charge of the game, you will have to pay more money to play. However, it is possible to play live online blackjack at several online casinos, with the same stakes and odds as every other table at blackjack.

Although many casinos require minimum bets of PS5, which is pretty standard across the board, some allow wagers to as little as PS1 or even PS10. Tables for high-rollers that allow stakes of PS50 or PS100 are also offered.

However, just because you can bet more money when playing live online blackjack doesn’t necessarily mean that you must place a larger bet.

2. There’s always a line for available seats

There’s a line of people waiting in line to play at the blackjack game; however, the casino’s financial losses are out. The reason is that if these players who are waiting in line were already playing at the table, they’d be pumping cash into the casino’s bank accounts.

This isn’t a surprise since it’s something that the average player at an online casino is aware of. That’s why they have an endless list of dealers and hosts waiting to be spotted, ready to enter whenever a table is filled up, and a new one needs opening.

This means that it’s extremely uncommon to be in an awkward situation where you need to wait to secure an open seat at blackjack tables.

3. The odds are significantly higher live online blackjack when you play worldwide

The goal of nearly every casino worth your business is to replicate the actual casino experience faithfully. This includes making sure that the games offered come with the same house edge and bonds as a real casino.

Always check out the paytable and terms and conditions of the casino’s website; however, this isn’t usually an issue to be concerned about.

4. You can play for free via Live online blackjack in a live casino

If you can find an online casino that allows players the live online blackjack game at absolutely no cost, make use of it! In most cases, it’s something that isn’t the case; free playing is generally restricted only to the standard games offered by online casinos.

This is because running automated games of all kinds is cost-free for an online casino, it doesn’t require any resources, and there are no demands on the workforce. When it comes to living casino gaming, professionals and experienced hosts must be compensated fairly for their roles. This is why live dealer gambling is rarely for free.

5. You will need to have the experience to play blackjack live table

Experience will work to your advantage. However, novices are also welcomed at blackjack tables that live. Beginning at an actual blackjack table, in the beginning, could be an excellent method of learning. Instead of making up rules in the process.

You will benefit from an experienced dealer whom you can talk to or ask for tips and (sometimes) trust to help you avoid making major mistakes. Blackjack in a live casino isn’t as scary as it sounds, and it’s not only a game reserved for players with experience.

6. It is possible to count the cards if you are aware of what you are doing

However, according to your viewpoint, live casino online eliminates the possibility that counting the cards is not part of the game. The game is played in a manner that it’s impossible to even hint at the balance in your favor by observing the cards that have been dealt.

While this works in a typical casino, it’s not used online. It will only encourage players to make incorrect decisions at all incorrect times and ultimately take an impact on your bankroll.

7. Live online blackjack bonuses for live dealers aren’t worth the effort

Not to be left out, there aren’t any live dealer blackjack bonuses offered that are particularly lucrative in the sense of. There are many incentives available. However, the majority portion provides the opportunity to look into the possibilities with bonus money on your account.

This does not mean that they’re not worth playing with. About the issue that was mentioned earlier, this is the closest you’ll have to play live dealer blackjack without cost.

Join, get your bonus, and use these extra funds to discover what the excitement will be about at the Live Casino section. Don’t make the error of assuming that bonus funds are equivalent to actual cash, or you’ll be going to be disappointed!


There are numerous misconceptions regarding live online blackjack, partially due to online gaming’s nature. Information is incredibly fast, and players make quick judgments without having all the facts before it.

Be aware that the regulatory agencies, government, and organizations legitimize online casinos. These myths aren’t grounded in fact. What misconceptions regarding live online blackjack have you been exposed to that we did not mention?

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Name: Live Online Blackjack: Myths And Misconceptions

Posted On: 22/03/2022

Author: Alex Karidis