What Is A Negative Deck?

The term “Negative Deck” is used in reference to a deck of cards that have been analyzed via card counting methods and found to possess a negative rather than a positive value. With a negative deck, the advantage swings to either the house or the dealer, instead of the player.

During gameplay in an online casino when savvy players notice that the presence of a negative deck, they react by lowering the size of their wagers and playing tight. This lasts till the deck count has changed and the odds have once more swung in the favour of players.

What Is A Negative Deck?

All About The Negative Deck

In essentially all casinos, the games on the show come with a house edge that enables the casino operator to cover costs and turn a small profit. The house edge varies depending on the game being played and often on the casino where it is played and is disliked by most gamblers. These gamblers, therefore, utilize systems in card games that aim at reducing the house edge to the barest minimum or eliminating it altogether.

Such systems include card counting. This involves keeping track of all the cards that have so far appeared in the game, calculating the possibility of when the remaining cards will appear and betting accordingly. Thus, when the odds are good that a high card will turn up, a player who is avidly card counting reacts by making a big bet, that might or not pan out.

The way card counting works, values are assigned to the cards, with these values being added to or subtracted as gameplay proceeds and cards appear. The count begins at 0 (or -4 in a few other systems) and is then changed to either positive or negative values depending on gameplay proceedings.

With a negative deck, the value is negative at any point in time. Such a deck should be cautiously played, with players being advised to bet as low as practical till the deck is once again positive.

When the cards have negative values, the casino holds the upper hand. Conversely, when the count is positive, the player enjoys an advantage that is temporary. Wagers should, therefore, be raised to reflect this.

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Name: What Is A Negative Deck?

Posted On: 14/11/2018

Author: Alex Karidis