More Fluffy Favorites Variants To Be Launched Soon

A while back, game maker Eyecon let lose the Fluffy Favourites slot on the poor players. Oh Lordy, it sure was to die for! This slots online came with high volatility, boasted 5 reels and 25 paylines, as well as a couple of really delish bonuses that tasted better than what most celebrity chefs could conjure up!

The highlight of this slots online was, however, its icons. These comprised stuffed animals that were so cute you felt an irresistible urge to take them out of the screen of your device and give them a bone-crushing hug! Overall, the Fluffy Favorites was all shades of amazing!

Seeing how well it was liked by bettors everywhere, Eyecon wasted no time in launching a trio of other similar slots that shared the look and feel of the original. These were the Fluffy Favorites Jackpot, Fluffy Favorites Fairground Jackpot and the Fluffy Too Jackpot. Join in to check these hot new releases!

More Fluffy Favorites Variants To Be Launched Soon

Fluffy Favorites Jackpot– Like the original, this slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines, with the lowest bet size being set at ₤0.01. It, of course, apes the cutesy look and feel of the original. Apart from the normal bonus rounds, the Fluffy Favorites Jackpot slot also has a trio of jackpots to drool over. These are the Mini, Maxi and Mega, with prizes to be won in each maxing out at ₤50, ₤2,500 and ₤500,000 respectively. Blessed with the cutest icons on the globe, loaded with fast and exciting gameplay, and with the whole thing being spiced up by the trio of featured jackpots, this slot online really has it made!

Fluffy Favorites Fairground Jackpot– This is yet the other standout effort from Eyecon, with the featured icons being even more cute and colourful than the original if that is possible! Set in a fairground, with open skies overhead and colourful banners streaming, it has a charming festive atmosphere and is rather heavily loaded down with bonus features. These bonuses when triggered reward players with from 100x to 200x the stake, as well as up to 400 free spins. There’s also a progressive jackpot in place you can activate and hopefully retire to the Pacific islands on! Overall, this slot is a rather skilled heavy hitter that punches like you wouldn’t believe!

Fluffy Too Jackpot– This iteration again has the standard 5 reels and 25 paylines, and like the others above is set in a fair you wouldn’t want to miss attending! The featured icons are of course as cute as can be, the bonuses in place award win multipliers of up to 100x and a progressive jackpot are supported and boy does it get richly rewarding! Overall, the Fluffy Too Jackpot goes above and beyond the call of duty in maintaining the reputation of its forbears and packs in the fun like it’s designed to do!

Well, as the present crop still remains a firm fan favourite, it shouldn’t be surprising if Eyecon decides to release yet another Fluffy sequel. If that happens, you can, of course, expect to get thrilled beyond the limit, flattered by cuter-than-cute icons, spoiled with progressive jackpots and treated to some rather fabulous times.

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Name: More Fluffy Favorites Variants To Be Launched Soon

Posted On: 20/10/2018

Author: Alex Karidis