The Role of Scatter Symbol in Online Slots

Scatter symbol is a symbol usually encountered in a slot game which can appear anywhere on the reels in order to reward the player with a winning combination. The player wins a return on the bet placed upon landing enough scatter symbols on the reels. Scatter symbols can as well trigger bonus rounds especially in slot games or offer additional multiplier benefits. Although not all slot games feature scatter symbols, these are usually a common feature in online slots.

Purpose of a scatter symbol in online slots

One of the most important things one must be aware of while gambling is the role of every symbol in the game. Scatter symbols can be considered to be your best mate that can help you unleash either bonus features or winning combinations in online slots. The major purpose of a scatter symbol is to remain closely associated with the mechanics of the slot. The scatter symbol differs from other symbols in various aspects. Firstly, the scatter symbol need not land on the active payline for yielding results. Moreover, it cannot be replaced by wild symbols.

The Role of Scatter Symbol in Online Slots

Scatter symbols reward a player if he or she manages to land three or more identical symbol anywhere on the reels. The payout is dependent on the number of scatters landed. The rules differ from one online slot to another. It is crucial for you to comprehend the payout structure of the slot while playing any game. This will let you be aware of how you would be rewarded by the scatters. Another vital aspect of payout by scatters is that it multiplies the total bet. It does not just take payline bet into consideration.

Bonus features and scatters

Scatter symbols activate bonus games in most online slots. This adds an element of fun in the gameplay and presents bigger opportunities when it comes to winning. You must go through the game rules while playing online slots as it helps you understand how a particular symbol works within the game. When we take a look at the general layout of video slots, it is evident that there are two kinds of bonus games. In one bonus round, the players have to pick a number from numerous options. The free spins bonus round is a common round where the player is awarded free spins. These serve as great incentives and result in spectacular wins.

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Name: The Role of Scatter Symbol in Online Slots

Posted On: 18/10/2018

Author: Alex Karidis