What is Online Slots RTP

Online slots cover a very diverse array of themes and features and can be played by anyone anywhere as no skill is involved. To keep gameplay fun and players entertained, it is usually advisable to play for the purpose of having fun, rather than with the premise of making enough money to pay off the mortgage.

Online slots work via wagers, with players facing the possibility of either losing what has been wagered or getting it back plus a variable extra. Still, most players of online slots want to win and win big and the possibility of this is expressed as a percentage that is known as the RTP- Return To Player.

What is Online Slots RTP

What Does RTP Means?

The Return To Player is a percentage that shows how often players can expect to win and varies on different online slot machines. A higher RTP, of course, indicates that players have better chances of winning.

However, the RTP is applicable in the long term and not the short term. This must be borne in mind, as no matter the RTP of an online slot anything can happen in the short term.

The RTP is an indication of players’ chances of winning. Thus, supposing the RTP of an online slot is set at 100%, this means that the chances of losing or winning are about equal and that the online casino concerned will see hefty losses over a long duration.
However, most online casinos have an RTP that varies from 90% to as much as 98%. This, of course, ensures that casinos can make a bit of money over the long term due to their house edge.

The RTP: How To Calculate It

The RTP is usually calculated via two different ways. Thus, a casino will choose to either state what has been paid out to players of one particular slot, or what has been paid out on a multiplicity of slots during a given period. While this does not indicate the long-term viability of wins, it is still near to the real percentage.

The RTP percentage is normally determined by calculating the probability that some icons will land on a reel. The probability of forming winning combos is then determined and viola, there is the RTP!

Apart from the above, the RTP of some online slots can be adjusted by slot operators if they were so designed by the developers. Reputable slot developers and their clients also make a point of publishing the RTP of their slots on the web, where they can be seen by everyone.

RTP Myths

Just how the RTP is calculated can be a little incomprehensible for some people. This confusion leads to misconceptions and all manner of half-baked myths. One such is that slot machines that have been steadily paying out low amounts will sooner or later make up for it by paying out hefty wins.
This is absolutely untrue and impossible as there’s no correlation at all between the previous and next spins. As well, it bears remembering that the RTP of online slots is never applicable in the short term.

Now that you have learned a bit about the RTP you can have a deeper understanding as to how slot machines work. This will no doubt boost your playing abilities and might even get Lady Luck smiling down on you soon!

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Name: What is Online Slots RTP

Posted On: 31/08/2018

Author: Alex Karidis