Money Management In Slot Machines

A person enters in the casino with the will of making some money and playing some tough games. The slot machine is the most preferred game in any casino because it is the easiest and the most money making game which gamblers love to play. It is very simple you just spin and win the jackpot, but the player while playing should be keen on spending the money on the slot machine because since it is easy to play it is also easy to spend a lot of money on. There are few things which you should consider to make the money management on the slot machines.

Money Management In Slot Machines

● Set your bankroll before you play: If you enter the casino with some amount like for example if you come with 100$ then make sure you decide how much to spend overall in the casino. Once you have set the bankroll to make sure you don’t exceed that amount for the money management. If you are losing then save yourself from betting more and if you are winning then make sure you never fall below the set bankroll.
● Put away at least half of any really big win: Whenever you win big jackpots keep this in mind that the main motive behind gambling is taking that jackpot home, so while betting the jackpot money players keep this in mind that at least half that amount should fall in your pocket, otherwise it just exists in the sayings that investing all your jackpot amount will give you much bigger wins. Be careful about this for the money management on the slot machines.
● Slow down: Make sure your game is slow and steady like the tortoise and not fast like the hare. Be patient while you play, walk around a little and have a look at the whole casino then decide the slot machine, keep yourself hydrated so your mind will be chilled and you can play more efficiently. You don’t have to just hit the button as soon as the reels stop over and over and over again. Take your time.
● On multi-day trips, divide your money into session bankrolls: If you are in Las Vegas for a trip of 3 days and you decide to try your luck in the casino then make sure you divide your bankroll equally for all three days. Avoid spending all of the money on just one day because the other two days will be quite a disappointment for you. Hence for the better money management on the slot machines make sure you divide the 3 days bankrolls equally.
● Do not borrow money to gamble: Always remember this one rule before playing on anything in the casino, do not borrow any money to gamble. The people who lend money for gambling charge heavy interest on them. That money is way too expensive for risking on the luck on slot machines. There is a transaction fee that depends on the amount you want to borrow. If, for example, the fee for a $100 advance is $10, it’s like adding 10 per cent to the house edge. This interest is doubled in case of credit cards advance in the casino. That doesn’t include the monthly interest your credit card company charges on cash advances. Those can exceed 20 per cent and can recur month after a month unless you pay your bill in full. Hence be very keen while you even think of borrowing money or using the credit cards for the slot machines.
● Keep the money separated: That could mean keeping the money to play with and money for going out to lunch in separate compartments in your wallet, or it could mean gambling money in your left pocket and other money in your right. Regardless of how you decide to separate your funds, don’t let them mix. You’ve already set your playing bankroll, and your lunch money is not part of it. When it’s time to go to lunch, you want your lunch money to be there.

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Name: Money Management In Slot Machines

Posted On: 23/05/2019

Author: Alex Karidis