What Is A Goliath Bet?

Similar to its name Goliath bet is a huge combination of permutations combining a total of eight selections. Goliath bet is the bet which contains 247 various bets which includes

What Is A Goliath Bet?

  • 28 doubles
  • 56 trebles
  • 70 four-folds
  • 56 five-folds
  • 28 six-folds
  • 8 seven-folds
  • eight-fold accumulator

It is the hugest bet available for punters. In this bet, your stake per line is multiplied by 247 to cover all possible outcomes (excluding singles). There is a quite good possibility of players getting huge returns from this bet. There is a possibility of players to earn huge from the goliath bet. In this bet, two or more selections must be successful to have a return. Since Goliath bet is the high stake bet here if you wish to place a bet worth 1$ then that one bet will cost you 247$. Goliath bet is mostly used for horse racing but you can also give a try for other sports.

Necessity of Goliath bet:

When you decide to make Goliath bet the returns are comparatively very high, and these high returns are very appealing to the players. The same high return could be achieved with an eight-fold accumulator, but it would require all selections to win for any return to be generated. In the case of multiple bets, Goliath bet is the most interesting choice for players to bet. Since two of the eight selections definitely wins, some returns will be generated. 

Goliath bet is usually chosen by players who are experienced enough to tackle that bet. None of the players can place the goliath bet without knowing all the ways and strategies included in this bet. Since it consists of 247 different bets the player needs to make sure that he takes all the possible measures before placing the goliath bet. On the other hand, the amount of money that Goliath bet can generate is pretty high. Then again, the players need to plan their budget accordingly because Goliath bet is not something you should take casually. If the player is brave enough then only he should consider each way goliath which encompasses the 247 standard bets plus an additional 247 ones, making it a total of 494. This is the most prominent bet type known today.

The instance when you understand the goliath bet completely, you will understand that it could be proven to be a useful betting tool if you are finding that accumulators are being let down by one or two legs time and not only once but again and again. With the Goliath’s full coverage, you will still be able to show a handsome profit if you can achieve five winning legs from eight selections.

In the Goliath be,t gamblers have an authority to back as many selections as they like in what in normal terms is coined as an ‘accumulator bet’, though all selections would have to win for this type of bet to be successful.

  • What to consider while placing goliath bet?

Whenever you decide to place the goliath bet the high stakes bet, picking a lot of selections that have very short odds is going to make it quite hard to make a decent profit here. A Goliath bet is made up of 247 different lines, so your initial stake is x247 to reach your outlay. You will need at least two selections to be a winner to receive any return here due to the fact there are no singles – this is not a full cover bet.

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Name: What Is A Goliath Bet?

Posted On: 20/05/2019

Author: Alex Karidis