What Is A Wild Royal Flush?

The term Wild Royal Flush points to a word often heard in the world of Poker. It refers to a Poker hand – a non-standard one by the way- during a game that has been expressly chosen as wild card games. These wildcard poker games usually have one or multiple cards- the joker usually- that are selected as wild after all the players in the game have agreed to this.

In Poker, there are usually two versions of the wild card. The first is the Fully Wild Card that is so designated after a player in either an online casino or a traditional one has picked any card that appeals to him/her. The second type of wild card is known as a “bug” card. This types of cards normally have fixed values and are usually Aces. Invariably, fully wild Poker games are enjoyed at home and hearth with fellows of like minds, with bug games being more liked in most casinos.

What Is A Wild Royal Flush?

When talking about rank, wild hands are considerably outranked by the standard hands used in Poker. Thus, any royal flush ranks way higher than all wild royal flush. The latter on its part ranks higher than straight flushes, and the straight flush ranks higher than the wild and straight flush.

Wild cards are only used to take the place of other cards on the deck. Thus, should a player have a hand of Ac-Ad-Ah-As-Jr, he/she cannot replace the joker hand with an Ace since there is no Ace left in the provided deck.

Wild Royal Flush- A Detailed Explanation

In this explanation, deuces will be employed as fully wild cards, thereby ensuring that 4 wild cards are present in the suite. This is way better than making use of the joker, since only a single joker is present in the deck. As well, the Joker card is rarely employed during card games and therefore has an unusually polished look that readily marks it out for the observant.

So, during play, the players are given As-2d as their hole cards, with deuces being employed as the wild cards and able to represent virtually any other cards that the players might select. In this example, the better play would be to change the cards to Ad, with players now having a two Aces.

During the flop, the Js-4h-Ks cards are seen, with the best hand being 2 Aces that could be changed to 4h-Js-2d-Ks-As, with the deuces 2d representing the Qs. At this point, the wild royal flush has not been achieved, but it’s just a matter of time.

A turn card then awards 10d to the player, while the community cards include Js-4h-Ks-10d. The players’ best hand gets presented as 10d-Js-2d-Ks-As. This wild straight has the deuces representing the Queen.

On the last river card, a 2h deuce card is dropped. This card is then used to fill out the wild royal flush hand of 2h-Js-2d-Ks-As, with the 2h representing 10s and the 2D representing Qs.

Kindly note that while other players can make use of the community card deuce to fill out their hands, the probability is low that this will be enough to defeat the royal flush now fielded by the player used in this example.

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Name: What Is A Wild Royal Flush?

Posted On: 12/10/2018

Author: Alex Karidis