What Is Red 7 Count?

Blackjack is a globally popular banking game. It is also known as twenty-one. Blackjack can be summarised as a card comparing game between several players and each of these players competes with the dealer but none of the players offends the other one. It is played with one or more deck of 52 cards. And in this blackjack game when it comes to card counting the Red 7 count comes in play. The red 7 count system back in 1983 was invented by Arnold Snyder. He wrote a book called a black belt in blackjack which familiarised red 7 count in it.

What Is Red 7 Count?

What is card counting?

Meanwhile what is card counting can be a question for many who are amateurs in the game of blackjack. Card counting is a basic card game strategy in blackjack which is used to determine whether the next hand is likely to give a probable advantage to the player or to the dealer. And Card counting allows players to bet more with lesser risk involved in it. And red 7 count is one the system of card counting in blackjack.

What is red 7 count?

Now when you know what card counting is, you can hop on to red 7 count and you will immediately understand the principles on which red 7 count is built. In other methods running count is the sole indicator of the raise but it is not in the case of red 7 count. In this, along with the elements of blackjack strategies, there is a combination with the running count with Red 7 to make informed decisions. Red 7 count can be definitely termed as an exclusive indicator when to raise more on your bets. It is an unbalanced system of card counting. And this unbalanced nature of Red 7 makes it accurate enough to regulate that how approving the deck is for the player.

Card values in red 7 count:

Each card in the red 7 system is allotted with a point value which is used to determine the running count. And as it is noticeable the difference between red 7 and black 7 makes the system unbalanced. If you count the values of every card in the deck the value reaches to +2 instead of 0. And hence it is important to start with -2 if you play with blackjack with one deck of cards and multiply it with -2 if you choose to play with multiple decks of cards.

When you calculate the card values of your cards up to 0+, this indicates that the player may have an edge over the house, and hence it might be a good time to bet on.

In card counting there comes a moment when you ought to increase your bet in order to take advantage of the favourable deck. And this is done when the specific running count reaches the pivot point. But what is a pivot point?  Actually, a pivot point is that point where the payer comes to know that the deck is in his favour and he can bet more to win the game. Hence the red 7 count might be the most variable card counting system but it is the most preferable system for players if they stay consistent with it for a long while.

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Name: What Is Red 7 Count?

Posted On: 23/04/2019

Author: Alex Karidis