Who Is A Flagged Player And Reasons For Getting Flagged

In the casino and even in the gambling world every game whether it is an online casino or live casino or the land-based casino there are rules and regulation on every corner. These sets of rules are bounded to everyone playing in the casino or even betting. But there is always one in thousands who tend to break these rules. And this one person is termed as the flagged player. He is just that player in a casino who is caught performing prohibited activities. But now there might be a question rising that what are the sort of activities that might be prohibited in a casino or while gambling.

Who Is A Flagged Player And Reasons For Getting Flagged

One can imagine ill practices in card counting, conspiracy with other players or when it is about online casinos, players might mess up with the reloading bonuses, but this is not it. There are some other malpractices too with which the player might be termed flagged. Now you might think that the person is directly flagged from the casino or gambling but this is not the case. The player is usually pre-notified before he has been flagged. When a player is flagged he can continue playing, but his demeanour will come under further inspection. However, in the online casinos, the flagged player cannot withdraw the winning amount unless and until the casino comes clean in his favour. There might be a procedure to be carried out by the casino authority in such cases to decide whether the player is flagged or unflagged.

Since we saw this earlier that the players are usually flagged in online casinos because of the reload bonuses that are given in casinos. But what exactly is a reload bonus?

Reload bonus:

Reload bonuses are online casino bonuses for players who have already made a deposit at an online casino. And the online casinos issue these reload bonuses on the player’s demand. The reload bonuses are used by online casinos to reassure existing players to come back to the playing rooms if they have been absent for a while. And when players mess with these reload bonuses they are flagged by the casinos. These players sometimes withdraw money from their account and move it to another casino. And then they take advantage of the reload bonus, when the original casino offers them money to return. And these repeated actions by these players when the casino tracks them and finds suspicious they are flagged. And after a casino flag any player like this all their winning are withheld. In online casinos players who use the same IP address are also likely to be flagged for the same reason. This was in case of online casinos now let’s see what happens in land-based casinos.

In the land-based casinos if you are spotted to sit at the same poker table every time then that is prohibited. Because if you sit at the same table every day then you might end up with collision problems with other players on the table. You might end up playing with your own friends and that’s not considered legal in any casino or gambling place. Now, this is applicable for online casinos also. The players just should be aware that the casinos are watching their players, and they should not take kindly to those who sit together on regular basis.

So if you want to avoid being flagged by any casino or gambling place all you need to do is avoid cheating the casino and its system.

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Name: Who Is A Flagged Player And Reasons For Getting Flagged

Posted On: 02/02/2019

Author: Alex Karidis