Five Of A Kind: What It Is?

Playing cards is a very fascinating game for people of all ages. There are different card tricks that keep people engaged for hours. The variation of 4 suits, 13 cards making a deck of 52 makes card games both, simple yet complex. Simple because the cards are a deck of 13 numbers and 4 suits. There is no other element to it and complex because there are numerous ways the games can be played. There are unlimited possibilities of drawing a set of cards. If you draw one card, the probability of drawing any card is 1/52. The most popular game played to leverage on this low probability of cards is Poker.

Five Of A Kind: What It Is?

Poker is a very interesting game basically because no matter how many rounds of the game you play at once and no matter how many poker games you play in a day, the game will always be different. There are countless possibilities that can be built over every game. This keeps the thrill of the game alive always.

There are several rules to poker that indicate which hand wins over which. If you consider a single deck and draw just one card, Ace is the highest card. No other card wins over Ace. While playing Poker professionally, you need to know which card combination beats the other. Of all the possibilities in a game of poker such as Omaha and Texas Hold’Em poker, the ‘five of a kind’ is the highest type of hand.

As the name suggests, five of a kind is a hand where the five cards in the hand are all the same. All the cards denote the same rank of the cars. There can be an argument that in any unbiased deck, there are only four cards with the same rank. So there is no way that there can be more than four cards of the same rank. Well, it is true, but the five of a kind happens when the game is played with the joker or w wild card.

Some rules for the ‘five of a kind’ are as follows:

  • In the standard rules where one deck is dealt, having a five of a kind is not possible as the deck would contain only four cards of the same number each. In such standard games, a ‘five of a kind’ hand can be attained only if the joker is used in the game.
  • The task that the joker does, can also be done using a wild card. The joker or the wild card can be clubbed with four cards of the same denomination and the ‘five of a kind’ hand can be made.

By far it is clear that the ‘five of a kind’ is an extremely rare possibility. Thus, the five of a kind is beaten every other combination of cards. In a game since there can be only two jokers, there is a chance that there are two ‘five of a kind’ hands. In such cases, the five of a kind combination of having the higher rank wins the lower rank. The set of ‘Five of a kind’ of Aces beats the combination of the set of five of queens.

If wild cards are played, five of a kind is the highest hand. It also beats a royal flush. It can thus be established that five of a kind is the highest combination of cards you can have in poker which beats everyone. So, pray for getting a five of kind- Ace to make sure you win the game.

So now while playing, at the table, if you reveal you have ‘Five of a kind’ in your hand and see eyes rolling at you, do not be surprised and feel confident about winning the game!

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Name: Five Of A Kind: What It Is?

Posted On: 01/02/2019

Author: Alex Karidis