Roulette Drinking Game: A Perfect Shot Drinking Game for House Party

Roulette Drinking Game: A Perfect Shot Drinking Game for House Party

The one thing you will always see upon your visit to the casino is a Roulette table. Along with Blackjack and Poker, Roulette is among the big three casino games. Over the years, this game gained such popularity that nowadays most of the American citizens either play Roulette at least once or know the rules and regulations of the game. 

Now shot drinking games are particularly popular among the US youth. This challenge can be bundled with any game like truth or dare. But, when you play Roulette with your buddies while the stakes are based on drinking shots, it gets better. So next time when you’re hanging with your friends, arrange a Roulette table and make your hangouts fun-filled. 

ABC of Shots Drinking Roulette Game

All the rules in this version of Roulette are the same as the one you see in a casino. Only one thing is different here. That is the end result. Whenever you win here, you get a shot of the drinks offered. Here your target, apart from having fun, is getting as many drinks as possible. Which literally translates to getting wins in the Roulette table. 

Now drinks can be used for your choice. You can have purely alcoholic drinks or have a mixture of 50-50 alcohol & water. You can even use non-alcoholic beverages if you want. But, that would lower the fun this game offers.

Shots Drinking Roulette Rules

This game is visually very much similar to the “Spin the Bottle” drinking game. The basic principle is also somewhat similar in both the games. In Shot Roulette, there is a Roulette table. In the middle of it, is a Roulette wheel surrounded by the glass full of drinks. Every folk in the party will be assigned a number. Every time a party member gets his number, he has to finish his drinks before the next round of wheel spinning. 

Now say if you have 8 members in your party. The Roulette wheel has 36 numbers. In this scenario, 28 numbers will be unassigned. If the ball lands in any of the unassigned numbers, everyone gets a drink. So if your number hasn’t come to the Roulette table, you will still get a drink or two. 

If your party has a long list of invitees, then, you can double or treble up the number of members for a single roulette number slot. Your outer ring of glasses will be doubled or trebled accordingly. So basically, the final rule will be based on the size of the party. 

Logistics of Shot Drinking Roulette

To make the game authentic, you need to arrange a Roulette table with a live spinning Roulette wheel. In addition to that, you have to get some shot glasses. The number of glasses will depend upon the number of guests. The glasses have to be numbered with sticky labels. Also, it’s suggested to have some spare glasses at your disposal. 

You can create your version of shot Roulette based on online Roulette instead of the Live Roulette. In that case, you only need a device that can access live Roulette sites. But, that would decrease the excitement and amusement of the game.

You can also get a commercial shot Roulette set from an online marketplace as presently some toy manufacturers are making ready-to-play all-inclusive shot Roulette equipment. This would save some of the efforts of creating a home set-up at the expense of money. 

Other Drinking Shot Based Casino Games

Drinking shot based casino games is really easy to grasp. After all, you don’t want your playtime to be complicated by some hard to remember rules. So if you are familiar with the rules of the actual casino games like dice games, board games, or card games, you can turn it into a drinking game. 

It takes some imagination to figure out how to include drinks into games like Poker or Blackjack. But when you figure it out, it will make the game an interesting affair.

Final Words

If you are a fan of Roulette, which most of the people with knowledge of the game are, then you will surely enjoy this modified version of the game. It will turn your not so happening party into a super crazy one in no time. So next time when you are planning a house party with your buddies, don’t forget to bring the shot drinking Roulette table.

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Name: Roulette Drinking Game: A Perfect Shot Drinking Game for House Party

Posted On: 24/03/2020

Author: Alex Karidis