What Are Proposition Bets?

Proposition bets can be placed on outcomes such as the number of strikeouts a pitcher will gather in the baseball game, whether a non-offensive player will score an American football game, or which team will score the first points of the game, what will be the discipline record of teams in a match, what will be the timings of certain events, and the number of specific events per team or in the entire match, realistically any statistically discrete event contained in a match or game could be bet on.  In short, these bets do not depend on the final outcomes or events. They are nothing but those sub bets which the player can bet on the probable insights of any event, game or competition. These proposition bets are offered by high street and online bookmakers which covers a broad spectrum of possibilities within the event itself.

What Are Proposition Bets?

The proposition bets can actually be proven as extremely profitable bet which can make you win the games for a longer span of time. The player can win the proposition bets when he is able to distinguish between the skilled bets and the bets that are purely for entertainment value.


Proposition bets perform two purposes in the sports betting world. First, they can be a great source of entertainment and fun exclusively for bettors who are new to a sport or don’t fully understand all the nuances of the games. Second, they can be a crucial piece of a long term profitable and winning sports betting strategy.

  • Fun proposition bets:

These bets are clearly just gambling and do not require any kind of strategy. The best example for the fun proposition bet is if you were to place a proposition bet on whether the coin toss at the Super Bowl would be heads or tails, you would be making a prop bet that falls into the fun category. The fun proposition bets sound good only when you are betting for fun and want to have a good time. But there really is no way that you can be a long term winner guessing the flip of the coin toss. Why? That’s because you are guessing the probability, so it will not stay for long. The mercy of luck is really not sustainable.

  • Skilled proposition bets

These propositional bets are going to need you to scratch your brains and think of the bets which you are making. It is more of an educated prediction of the outcome. An example for the skilled proposition bet is that if you were to place a prop bet on whether or not Rob Gronkowski will score over or under 1.5 touchdown, you could use skill and your knowledge base to make a better prediction because here just guessing will not give you any probability of winning the bet. You need to learn the personality keenly and then think and place the bet upon how he plays. If you bet that he would score over 1.5 touchdowns and he scores 2 or more, you win the bet. Again, it does not matter whether or not the Patriots win the game. No doubt, there is a lot more variance in bets like this, but you are still using your knowledge, skill, and predictions to figure out what you think the outcome of this bet is going to be. Hence skilled prop bets are beatable over the long run and can be a part of a long term winning strategy. When you look at the long run for the bets this is the best choice.


  • There is betting flexibility in proposition bets. Usually, the bets which have guessing included in them are more of the fun but when you have information and predictions were tackling with brains is must then it becomes little boring, but in proposition bets, this information can be used very effectively.
  • The proposition bets are very entertaining.
  • These bets can make you a lot of profit.
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Name: What Are Proposition Bets?

Posted On: 28/03/2019

Author: Alex Karidis