Most Popular Deposit Methods in Mobile Casino

Depositing money at a mobile casino is the most common yet first step to count on before gambling. The one usually look for a payment method to gamble and try new games as a Mobile Casino. However, when it comes to playing a real casino using real money, players are bit cautious about security and frauds. Previously most of the casino can only afford to accept the deposit by debit/credit card, but today as it has become a vast digital it has brought a wide scope of deposit method.

Most Popular Deposit Methods in Mobile Casino

Debit/Credit Card

Depositing through debit/credit card is the easiest and convenient way in which people deposit money at an online casino. Almost everyone owns a debit/credit card, and there is no fee charged by company for making online purchases. It happen when the user is lazy to enter the long numbers from cards, so they go for one of the below options which is less time consuming.


PayPal is the world’s largest and dependable online payment company. However, it is not used for one and the other and can only be used for any business purposes as they hold strict conditions governing sites that can offer the payment method. Furthermore, the user can find a fast transactions and also an affordable one. Most importantly, PayPal has an effective fraud prevention scheme to protect the user’s money.


Skrill is believed to be one the biggest e-wallets and popular deposit method in the online gaming industry. The process of Skrill holds the easiest operation for the user to save the time. The user need to add a specific amount of money to Skrill account, then this money can be directly transferred to the online casino account on your mobile. Skrill allows user to experience easy operational process and not actually believe in a lengthy process of adding a card number and possible details. This is a real-time instant deposit method which can save time of user.


Neteller is also believed to be the biggest e-wallet and popular deposit method in the online gambling industry as it pretty much the same as Skrill. The user need to create a free account, deposit money using the debit/credit card details and transfer the funds from Neteller account directly over to the location of mobile casino. However, Neteller is so similar to Skrill that the advantages and disadvantages are pretty much similar.

Pay with Phone Bill

This deposit method of Phone Bill is upscaling the users count and also believed to be the most popular deposit method. This deposit method is done with a paying using a phone bill. It allows to simply add money by replying to a text message from mobile phone, and the money will be directly added to the casino account. The reason behind getting a traction to this deposit method is this could be the simplest way to get the work done within a fraction of second.

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Name: Most Popular Deposit Methods in Mobile Casino

Posted On: 13/01/2019

Author: Alex Karidis