What Is Skinning The Hand?

The ever-increasing popularity of casino games since the 20th century has led to increased traffic at gambling venues across the world. However, such levels of populated casinos are also becoming niches of smart tactics and manoeuvres adopted by players to earn more. While most of these tactics are legal and are acceptable at casino venues, there are some illicit moves that are not entertained anywhere – for e.g. Skinning the hand. Many professional gamblers and players have resorted to using of tactics and strategies that will help increase their chances of winning decent payouts. However, such tactic of skinning is considered as ‘cheating’ and is illegitimate.

What Is Skinning The Hand?

Skinning the hand – its meaning and usage:

In Poker, the word ‘Skinning’ refers to the illegitimate move of marking cards. These marked cards provide players with valuable insight throughout the gameplay. ‘Skinning the hand’ refers to marking of cards that are dealt to the player as a hand. These cards are marked either for replacement with another card that is already concealed. Or, these can be marked to locate an important card of high value in the next rounds of the gameplay.

Marking can also be done for cards that are of least value to the player. Thus, these could be avoided in the later rounds as well. It can also be used to remove cards from the deck entirely. Skinning requires sleight of hands and is highly illicit motive from the part of the players.

Skinning the hand Vs. Stripping:

In a contrary basis, many people view skinning as similar to ‘stripping’. In actual meaning, both terms are entirely different in terms of applicability and legality. While skinning means to mark cards and to probably remove it from the deck, stripping also means the same. However, stripping is done to remove a set known number of cards before the start of the game and is done under the full supervision of the dealer.

Stripping is not illegal and is done by following the rules of the gameplay. Along with the dealer, it is performed under the notice of all players on the table. However, skinning is a concealed form of manoeuvre that is done as a result of sleight of hand. Stripping is performed for faster, smoother gameplay and is legitimate in all its meaning.

Practices to curb Skinning the hand:

Many casinos face the problem of players taking to illicit moves. A growing number of players are resorting to cheating to avail higher payouts. Although casino venues try hard to curb such menace, players are still able to find alternatives and perhaps better versions of such sleight handwork. Casino venues train and include experience dealers who have the ability to catch any such noticeable illicit action. Venues are stationed with the camera positioned at strategic positions that allow managers and venue personnel to keep an eye on all tables and players. However, venues are strictly forbidden to notice the dealt hands of the players which makes it difficult for them to point out any concealed form of action.

Skinning the hand leads to a decreased house edge and thus greater losses for casino venues. In fact, it is also unfavourable to other players as well. Therefore, such actions have led to banishment from venues at the least form. Some venue organisers even resort to legal jurisdiction to make a statement and to declare that such practices are strictly discouraged and prohibited.

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Name: What Is Skinning The Hand?

Posted On: 11/01/2019

Author: Alex Karidis