The History of Poker Game and Cowboys in Movies

The History of Poker Game and Cowboys in Movies

Poker had a very important role to play in the wild old west played by ruthless cowboys in movies long before James Bond even started playing it in a sophisticated casino. It was dominated by tricky card games, expensive whisky, lonesome and cool riders, pretty heroines and the barren deserts of wild-wild West. In a time of gold fever, live poker was an inseparable attribute of all saloons and nobody was afraid to get in trouble. Oh, what an era! These movies with Live Poker scenes are great films for any poker fan. Some of these movies are not about Poker as much as about other things but all feature at least one Poker scene and are simply wonderful to watch. Sounds quite amazing, right? Well, we will not be able to travel back to that time, unfortunately, but we can share an amazing collection of the greatest western movies about Live Poker that will help us to experience the movie and Poker magic. So, invite some friends, choose a movie from the given list and get inspired for your own little Poker game.

Maverick (1994) 

You cannot find a better or more exciting western movie about poker than this. What’s not to like about an ensemble including Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner? The storyline is typical, but it will never be out of fashion. Yes, the game of poker is twisted with a love story, but do not forget everything that happens in the Old West is entangled with adventures, risk and danger. This movie will not teach anyone how to play poker, but it is a fun film that shows the old-west image of back-alley bars, cowboys, and cards. The highlight of the movie is a massive scene of an intense final round where the central character wins the game with a royal flush. What a big surprise, huh? It portrays the most irrational poker game but you will enjoy the old beautiful ways of bluffing with no doubts.

Tombstone (1993)

This movie is a more typical Western one with some bad and good guys. The action will keep you hooked from the beginning.

The storyline is quite simple. Wyatt Earp and his brothers want to settle down and start a business. The old days of guns and gangs might be left behind. And here the Western action starts. If the brothers are not looking for troubles, the trouble finds them. The local gang of cowboys starts fighting with them. But it is not just about the guns at the end. The 36 hours of a marathon of the card game is the key point of this movie. You can also find the iconic scene of cowboys playing live poker. It is just amazing!

A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966)

The only thing that might be said about this movie is “Old but gold“. Poker is the main storyline of this movie. Everything is focused on the high stakes and a no-limit game played by the five main characters. Do not expect it to be very active like all those present-day action movies, but the end will be twisted and surprising. The biggest high-stakes game in the West draws the attention of a man, played by Henry Fonda, who stakes his entire family’s fortune to get into the game. His wife is not too happy about it, but when her husband suffers a heart attack during the game, Mary steps in and takes up his hand.

The masters and enthusiasts of live poker will be satisfied at how correctly the game is played. Sure, some rules have been changed since then, but most of the scenes are quite realistic. The strategies of bluffing are so persuasive that many beginners at poker can even learn many useful tricks from it.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

The game of Poker is not the central point in this movie, but still, this one sweet treat cannot be missed because it is an amazing modern western movie with many famous stars. The bad guys, nice decorations and more heated fights, this movie has it all. But the reason for putting it on this list is one amusing scene where you will see a cool card trick which might be helpful someday!

These movies will keep you hooked to your screen even if you are not an avid Poker player or cowboys fan. You will surely have a good evening with all these movies, friends and Poker. However, in case, you have no cards or chips or the mood to play sitting in a group, you can try online Poker. There many benefits of playing Poker online too like the convenience of playing whenever or wherever you want, the bonuses, the low rakes, huge game selection and many more and you will have just as much fun and action as in these movies!

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Name: The History of Poker Game and Cowboys in Movies

Posted On: 01/04/2020

Author: Alex Karidis